TT Launcher: A true to Android launcher

TTlauncher.4 One of those applications that you do not get tired of trying and trying until you find the one you are certainly convinces launchers. And it is to customize the desktop and the same behavior is something fun and that much we can do with more detail. Whether animations, themes and icons are always willing to give them a try.

Today we bring another launcher under his arm just called us enough attention, but is still in Alpha phase green. One of the particularities of this launcher, which many will appreciate it is that runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above. So if you’re stuck in a version lower than the current Android , you get to enjoy a launcher with a more refreshed and with lots of customization options.

One of the first things I enjoy interface is very faithful to the design of Google, with the appearance that he began to have the default Android desktop from ICS. But the most interesting addition to the issue of compatibility with older versions of Android, is the amount of animations, tweaks and customizations Launcher is that TT. And that’s one of the interests of having a custom launcher.

Support issues Go Launcher for now, you can also add more desktops , widgets from the desktop, resize icons, add transition effects, effects box applications, etc. . We can even give style to choosing different folders. Typically a launcher but with the working versions of Android from 2.2. It is certainly a good choice, especially considering that it develops target=”_blank”>

Download TT Launcher XDA-Developers

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TT Launcher: A true to Android launcher
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March 7, 2013

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