Turing Phone Cadenza, or how exaggerate your mobile specifications 2017

Turing Phone Cadenza 2

it is very likely that not sound like much Turing phone , but is a mobile high strength and very secure software , innovative in many ways. Basically it is a mobile made to resist thanks to its material have called ‘Liquidmorphium’ , which presume that is harder than titanium.

Currently, the phase advance booking is closed, waiting for another, but not come to talk about this particular terminal, but the future successor, the Turing Phone Cadenza , which would come during 2017. Normally not draw too much attention if it were not for the exaggerated specifications announcing its CEO that will


specifications mortal death

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The first is that, level design, maintain the same material and ‘Liquidmorphium’ but supposedly improved version . As brain, as apparently is not satisfied with a Snapdragon 830, will put two , leaving a total of 16 cores, started strong, yes sir, at this point I already put eyed I am thinking if the CEO was believed that people were stupid or what.

But still, that the thing has only just begun. The following is to accompany these processors a total of 12 GB of RAM LPDDR4X in two modules of 6 GB of RAM each, here and I took it as a joke. The most logical specification is its screen, which would be 5.8 inch QHD resolution . Okay, this really me I can not believe, I am surprised that they have not said they’ll put 8k resolution

But let the joke with their cameras. rear would have neither more nor less than 60 MP (yes, sixty six zero) and a dual 20 MP for selfies and continued with 1 terabyte distributed in two modules of internal storage and two microSD cards, each module 256 GB.

More still, this is not wasted hear! We continue with their autonomy, although here understood little of, but we will try. Apparently it has three power sources: on the one hand, a battery graphene 2,400 mAh a lithium-ion battery 1,600mAh and finally A fuel cell hidróngeno . This does not know what’s going on, so going on, if someone me can clarify enchanted

Turing Phone Cadenza

If you see that you fall short of the Dual-SIM terminals, the Turing Phone Cadenza makes fools of everyone thanks your four card slots nanosim , all 4G, for all have four phone numbers. As for sound, you trust the equalizer Marshall London to hear music blaring.

Let’s end the software. In the first (and so far only) generation, Turing trusted Sailfish OS , a fork of Android focused on security, but in this case the software will be a fork of Sailfish called Swordfish OS , which will be safer and will further enhance privacy.

Only lacked announce them the price, which, if met these specifications (would be a real miracle), would almost certainly to a mobile of 2,000 € , I do not speculate with less than that price, but to me that the CEO has skated fine thing with specifications, and finally the Cadenza will be something much closer to the high end of the year next.

I myself received an e-mail Turing mentioning these specifications, and was, for me, one of the best jokes of the year. I really doubt that even half of the specifications are met, but in the unlikely event that you are 100% certain, would be the most innovative terminal in several years

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Turing Phone Cadenza, or how exaggerate your mobile specifications 2017
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September 2, 2016

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