Turn your android in a precision balance with Diamond Scale

diamond No doubt that as time goes by you will find new and more practical benefits to our smartphones. And it is clear that many sensors and much technology has to serve for more than just communicating, hang out and entertain. Proof of this is the application that I teach today.

Because it may sound like a joke, but with Diamond Scale going to be able to turn your phone or tablet on a scale of PRECISIO n. If, if, as you read it. A scale that may even be quite reliable thanks to this application and its correct use, of course.

diamond scale You can make it work with any phone or tablet that has gyroscope. First we” calibrate “with something to put on top of the screen and an object like a coin . You have to follow the instructions strongly that the developer provide to us, as it requires some precision and you have to respect all the steps.

For small objects is surprisingly accurate, and will be as easy as calibrating, and thereupon can be placed on top of the currency we used in one of the corners of the surface of your Android into a position that allows you to see the screen. Then we put on top of the coin despite what we want and presto!

Application on Google Play

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Turn your android in a precision balance with Diamond Scale
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June 22, 2013

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