Turn your iPad into an information panel with Status Board 2

Status Board 2

Whether we have an old iPad we want to give some use as if we use the IPAD even when working on your Mac, Status Board 2 allows us to convert our tablet in a panel talk información.Cuando iPad productivity apps normally think of as Editorial Coda for iOS , OmniFocus or Evernote . Apps that allow us to do more while using our tablet. Write automation while using tricks, work on the code of our website, organizing work ahead or take notes in class or meeting. However, what would you think if I told you that there are iPad applications that can make us work more efficiently when we put a finger on the screen? How will it help us better carry on our IPAD if we look only at the distance? The answer is very simple, with information.

The information has always been a vital factor when performing a task or decision. And today, with changing data every few minutes, it is more than ever. An obsolete data or a figure that is late can mean the difference between being make the right decision or not, between being efficient or waste time and resources. And it is not only vital when we work, if not in every aspect of our lives.

“How much is left until the next train? What is the gate of leaving my plane? When my turn comes? “Are some of the many questions we ask ourselves every day and we solved thanks to an invention known as the dashboard. They come in all types and colors but all make our lives much easier thanks to the data offered. If you have information at first sight helps us in many moments of everyday why not I as we work or prepare to leave home?

That is precisely the target Status Board 2, the last work of Panic ( Coda for iOS , Transmit for iOS , Prompt 2 ). It is thanks to her and a little effort on our part we can get our own information panel with all the data that are of interest to us. If we work in the world of communication we can have all the statistics of visits and interaction of our website and social networks. If you work in an office you can create a panel with all information relating to the company (sales, complaints …), the status of projects, a calendar of upcoming meetings or information of interest such as the time or the next station and buses leave from the nearest station. And if you simply want to use in our home we display all the information (weather, time, latest tweets, latest news, our appointments …) we need to know before heading out the door. ## Design StatusBoard2-1 Although the design is somewhat important in all applications where this becomes particularly significant when you consider that we are talking about an information panel that not only hope that gives us data that are of relevance to us if not over do it in a way that is understandable at a glance. In this sense, Panic has always had a reputation of looking after their interfaces apps, but with Status Board 2 have reached a new level and shows a button.

Status Board 2 It has the best experience I’ve ever seen onboarding Status Board 2 welcomes us with one of the best experiences “ onboarding “I’ve ever seen in an app (App Store not only from if not from any platform). As we first started to listen to elevator music while you see the first page of a quick start manual that will help us to properly configure our newly acquired “Status Board ™ from the Panic ™ brand.” In the following pages, we not only find the odd joke and the usual stamps from different institutions control otherwise the app explains step by step how it works, asks us permission to access our data and shows us some of his new characteristics. All wanting to finish that gives us “many years of good service” and let us start building our first panel of information.

This update, like the Coda for iOS , is marked by the passing of an era design of iOS 6 to flat design and” minimalist “we met with iOS 7. Considering all the widgets and the manual just explain afraid that with the change Panic leave behind many of the details that made the app into something great, however, in the end they have not only been all over but it looks much more refined. It seems that developers are already taking the pulse of the new style.

The fact that the app is formed by two radically different but equally important faces great way mark design. In other adjustments to my area it does not have a tenth of the importance of the “main” screen, but Status Board 2 creation and adjustment of panels and widgets is as important as the display. This has made both have taken care of the settings providing a creative space and comfortable and intuitive editing and viewing with a neat look and where it is easy to understand and assimilate information. Although a curious case is, how we are the ones who create the visible face the results can be spectacular or a disaster. Everything depends on our ability to compose.

StatusBoard2-2 And it will not be by choice. Widgets can be placed in any position and in the vast majority of them have delivered absolute to change its size and shape (although in some cases the type of information slightly limited options). Since the app works in both portrait and landscape each panel has two different designs. The position of the widgets is independent in both positions, although the first time we do change the app will adjust automatically as she sees fit (although the results are not always good).

Look aside , the only news in the interface are a few buttons to reflect the new capabilities of the app (like the ability to create multiple panels) or from now can use a custom background in our panels. Gone are the (boring) black. It may not be a good idea to put a picture as the background (especially if you create readability problems) but if we can create a fund to continue our brand image and give some personality to our dashboard. A pity we can not change the style of the widgets would be great to imitate the style of the information panels at airports


 StatusBoard2-3 One of the first news that we found is that we can finally create multiple panels of information without implying that we lose our previous work. From today we can have multiple panels, one according to each situation or time of day, without having to go to set new or losing the job we had done. In fact, to switch between two panels simply have to slide your finger across the screen or create a timer for the app take care of all the work.

Twitter, mail, weather clock, News Feed, photos, countdown, tables and graphics are some of the widgets that can include Although what matters is not the number of panels that can create, if not the information that we can place in them and this is the most complete thanks to the wide variety of widgets are there in the app. This gives it a very great versatility and makes it suitable for different situations such as receiving medical advice, the office of our house or the drafting of a media.

These widgets are grouped into Two different types. The first could be described as basic, it consists of widgets Twitter, mail, time clock and News Feed . The second, more advanced, consists of widgets photos, countdown, table, graphic, text and “make itself” and we use them to make an in-app purchase of 9.99 €. The price may seem high, but as you will see in a moment the possibilities are endless get with it.

 StatusBoard2-4 Within the basic widgets that of Twitter allows us to show our timeline see how much we have published tweets or mentions we have received in recent hours and recent days and display the current number of followers. And if we can add multiple accounts and compare. News Feed Inside we can add a few RSS feeds and either display the latest headlines or show a graph with the amount of content that is published in this feed. Both can be really useful in the world of communication.

As for the mail can choose again two pathways, showing an inbox or statistics. Statistics can be especially useful if your work involves attending a mail account (such as a service) since we can show how many emails have in your inbox or how many are unread well as a graph or number. Above we can add several email accounts.

Finally, we have the clock and time. As expected we can add multiple locations, so we can see the time in different time zones. Something really useful if you have roommates (or friends) on the other side of the world.

 StatusBoard2-5 Inside widgets” advanced “(and it is necessary to make a purchase In-App € 9.99) we find the most interesting and some, such as photos, which should perhaps come as standard. It is not worthwhile to take the widget itself, but to make a slideshow of a particular album does not fit in a group with some as advanced widgets that can display almost any information. This does not mean it’s a bad added, may in fact be useful if those pictures made for example of information or advertising posters for display in a waiting area.

This advanced kit also includes a Countdown widget in that part of knowing how many days are left for our birthday we know how much time remains until the release date of a product in which our company is working. We also have another widget that allows us to show any phrase or text you want and although no formatting options if we offers two styles to display the text. We can use it in conjunction with the photos to remind us that “we do href=”http://i.imgur.com/YSsmf.jpg”> for it” or you can be useful if you want to transmit a message those who see the panel.

is missing a pack with integrated services like Analytics widgets While widgets are really advanced tabular and graphic “do it yourself”. And when I say that I say are really advanced in the sense that they can display almost any type of information and in that only advanced users know how to set them up and working properly. And although they are well documented and add a source of information is as simple as adding a JSON, CSV or HTML file if you do not have a server or program that is responsible for generating and updating the data we face a static widget that will have to be updated hand to this day (losing much of grace). Still, if we have the right resources we can easily create widgets that show the evolution of a project, sales of our company visits our website or from which the visitors. Within the widget “do it yourself” until we can embed an HTML file with the design and the information we want.

 StatusBoard2-8 As you can see, we have a wide range of options when creating our own custom information panel. However, the fact that some information include them get a little out of the ordinary requiring more work (and perhaps have extras such as a server) may be one of the biggest drawbacks of the app. No doubt the option to unlock the most advanced and customizable widgets will delight some, but personally I would have liked a set of widgets designed for advanced users who are not a handyman so they can display information from services like Google or Twitter Analytics .

This does not mean it is not worth the effort may involve implement all this information on Status Board 2. With a little effort a media could implement this app in its wording and equip every worker the opportunity to access the statistics of the different channels of communication while working on your computer.

 StatusBoard2-6 In this sense this version 2.0 brings a Board Status novelty designed for such situations: share and subscribe to comb. This feature, which comes on the heels of the option to create multiple panels, solves a need that many users (especially corporate) had met Status Board to implement a significant number of iPads. No more having to mount one by one each panel in different iPads and updating them lose hours. From now share a panel is as simple as sending a URL and make changes whenever these will spread without any user having to touch anything. We can use the text widget to convey a message to other people and it is updated in real time.

Status Board 2 also has two other methods for sharing, one that shares the panel but without with updates of subscriptions (perfect for backup) and one that shares a screenshot of it.

 05-PanicBoards As expected can not only show all these data within the screen of your iPad, if not with support for external displays we can create an information panel 42 “ with the help of an HDMI cable or Apple TV (via AirPlay ). So far this feature required an in-app purchase, but now is free for all users.

But changes not only come within the app, but also in the business model and the price . Status Board 2 is the first “freemium” Panic application but instead of following the model of Candy Crush follow the example apps like Overcast. Thus Status Board 2 provides the majority of its functions (use external displays, multiple panels, share and on …) and some of its widgets (Twitter, mail, time, clock, RSS feed) free of charge and booking more advanced options under a single purchase “in-app” that unlocks 9.99 € widgets pictures, countdown, table, graphic, text and “do it yourself”. Of course, those who purchased version 1.0 for 9.99 € have all features unlocked.

In case you have not purchased the expansion and someone to share with us an information panel featuring some the blocked widgets we can use the panel all we want, but the widgets that we have not paid will not show any information and we invite you to unlock the full potential of Status Board 2.

StatusBoard2-9 After a few days with her I have to say that upgrade is quite complete , how they have seen what I have told so far, still, I have come across a couple of small part of the shortcomings I mentioned before with advanced widgets. The first one is that have been left out 1Password integration , something incomprehensible when the rest of your apps if you have it. And the last is that it does not have a backup system as such, the only option is to send all boards by mail and save them until the return to necesitar.7.5Es possible that when we think about professional use for our iPhone ever think of an app that allows us to do the work that we performed on our computer before, however Status Board 2 shows that the iPad can help us be more productive or be better informed on our work without you put a finger on.

Although many already do not remember, personally Status Board 2 reminds me of one of the functions of the original iPad that has long been forgotten (over iOS 7 exactly). I speak of the infamous button on the unlock screen that allowed us to turn the iPad into a digital photo frame. Maybe in his day many users did not see him the way to have your iPad all day showing pictures of the last vacation, but have him on our side with relevant information while working is another thing altogether.

There may be a journalist, a manager or someone support not touch the iPad within 8 hours during their workday, but certainly that information about visits from their environment, sales of his company, or the amount of bugs and requests for support that is showing you can help them enormously to do their job better and know how to prioritize their efforts . Or simply we can have our iPad in the kitchen with a panel with weather information, a clock, recent messages from our friends, the latest news and our appointments for the day and throw an entire look over breakfast before heading out for the door.

And although we do not see it useful, even if we think it’s silly that you have a panel of personal information to anyone on the iPad Status Board 2 should be installed if only for 5 minutes to live ” onboarding “they have prepared from Panic with user manual in the style of an appliance.

That said, and although the screen does not leave much space, I would like for future updates bring forth a version for iPhone and iPod Touch. Not for that to have an information panel pocket, but by taking into account that the app is able to create information panels adapted to display Full HD device 4 “or 5” is much easier to place after iPad tele a 7.9 “or 9.7”. Not to mention the built-in set of widgets Analytics services as I talked about earlier, that perhaps should have come to this versión.- The way you get the app the first time you open it is a unique experience App Store. – Versatile. You can display information from the most basic to the most complex making it an app to all users. – Create and modify panels is easy and intuitivo.- most interesting widgets are not available to everyone and require more advanced skills. – Is missing widgets kit that integrates with third-party services (like Google, Twitter Analytics). – There is no backup system as such


Turn your iPad into an information panel with Status Board 2
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August 4, 2015

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