TV series you should see if you like superheroes

People saving the world, fighting crime, geniuses, rich, or superpowers. That ideal of selfless hero that we like to watch on TV.

One of my favorite genres are stories about superheroes, and not just flying or have superpowers, but anyone can use whatever your skills to try to make the world better. For some time now, although not the first, the series of superheroes have multiplied enough, and have enough to entertain us for months. If you like these stories much like me, and do not just film and Avengers, I Here a handful of recommendations to see on TV.


Arrow was released in 2012 and currently has just finished his third season and has been confirmed in production quarter. Tells the story of Oliver Queen , a billionaire whose boat shipwrecked young and ends up lost on an island for five years. That learns about a conspiracy to destroy your city and decides to return to save everyone. Sure, during those five years he became keeper-Ninja- bodybuilder -integrande of Cirque du Soleil, because why not?

Green Arrow (green arrow) is quite similar to Batman least one mainstream , a very rich guy with many natural abilities you use your gadgets , his money, and his millennial training save his beloved city. The series does not have actors who will win an Emmy for now, but it is very entertaining, and a pleasure to see if you like superheres of my favorite today.


iZombie was released a few months ago this year and is based on the comic of the same name. It is a production of Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) and tells the story of Liv Moore , resident surgeon who attends a party on a yacht (I spoke of two yachts followed what the hell is wrong with yachts?) where everything goes to hell when attacked by a horde of zombies. Yeah, so crazy. If you know anything of the sort, you know that only in the parodies and comedies people know what a zombie, and iZombie is something.

Liv is wound by a zombie and “dies”, the next day wake up to realize that desperately needs a good plate of brains. All this changes her life and decides to start working as a coroner, you know, better impossible place to get food. The interesting thing is that when Liv eats a brain gets a little memories and personality of the person who is eating , and begins to use these skills to help solve their murders. iZombie was renewed for a second season, so I decided to include it in the list. It’s really fun.


Daredevil I said basically everything I could have said when I spoke about what I thought was excellent his first season. This adaptation of the comic is much, much better than what had been done in film. She’s an adult and quite graphic series regarding violence , its history intricate enough to build on the Marvel universe, and performances (especially the villain) are quite remarkable.

It is simply a must, especially if you’re a fan of Marvel and interested in everything related to his universe


This time we do not speak of heroes with superpowers, but “normal” people with a talent for solving problems: Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson . Elementary we have an excellent adaptation to modern television stories Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The series has just ended its third season, and its protagonists Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu have an amazing chemistry on screen without the slightest romantic allusion.

A fourth season is assured and if you want a good program where few geniuses solve crimes and catch criminals more creative ways possible, you need to see this series. It is currently my favorite, and marathon passes in the blink of an eye.

The Flash

Barry Allen first appears in the second season of Arrow, and then end up in his own series with the spinoff The Flash . In this new television adaptation of the adventures of the fastest man in the world, we origin and history of the early days of Flash fighting crime in Central City. Crossovers the Arrow and Flash are secured , and is simply a must see if you like Arrow and if you like superheroes. I mean, is Flash.

Person of Interest

Person of Interest it is the wonder of series Mr. Jonathan Nolan where JJ Abrahams has a far-average production credit. Person of Interest is science pure and simple fiction, but as connected to the real world hyper in which we live that scary to those with the most open of the ordinary mind.

In this series Harold Finch , played by Kevin Chapman (the unforgettable Ben Lost) has created a machine capable of predicting violent events by watching all 24 hours a day using all the technology around us. The government uses the machine to prevent terrorist attacks, but this is able to detect victims of all kinds and many fall into the hollow of “irrelevant”. Therefore Fich decide to hire John Reese (Jim Caviezel) to help you save those people. Now, the series starts a little slow, in fact not start really until the middle of the first season, and then if you are patient and keep looking you’ll find one of the best series your life .

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

By the end of the leave to a list of my coolest favorite series of all time , and heroin that ever walked the TV in decades and decades to come. One of the masterpieces of Joss Whedon, and a series of all-respecting fan of superheroes, television and girl power , should see or living life as an incomplete being.

Buffy It premiered in 1997 and ended in a more perfect ending in 2003. It tells the story of “the hunter” a teenager who is elected by ancestral powers to fight all the monsters that come out of the mouth of hell, which is coincidentally located under its high school (ha ha ha). Buffy is an unforgettable classic that has aged well . After a decade saw her again because that is all on Netflix, and it seemed even better than the first time. Not only is it full of action, humor and memorable characters, but includes quite complex and important on adolescence issues, love, sex, violence, death, and the passage to adulthood that could not be better addressed, with or without metaphors of monsters.

Other series

Some that I left out, but perhaps worth mentioning. Sherlock the BBC with Benedict Cumberbatch and the Hobbit is another excellent series that could enter the field of heroes. Gotham I have not seen it yet but I’ve heard good things about it, the story revolves around the commissioner James Gordon, at the time who kill Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Supernatural was for years one of my favorite series, but has been extended so that more or less in the eighth season left to get interested in her. Although it is likely to return to it before the end of forever, which seems be in 2022. And, Agents of SHIELD is perhaps necessary for those who want to connect the whole universe of Marvel and Avengers with the last drop of lore possible. They say much improved in his second season and the end of the first, but the few chapters I saw did not catch me.

That’s my list. If you have recommendations, there are comments


TV series you should see if you like superheroes
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