Twitter could be working on a system of ‘reactions’ similar to Facebook

This is being an intense week for the tuitera Jane Manchun Wong, a developer that uses reverse engineering in the applications to discover new features. If it’s anything I had that had find the function ‘request for verification’ in Twitter, now we bring you the that could be one of their biggest ‘scoops’: the social network of the bird blue might be working in a system of ‘reactions’ similar to Facebook.

how Facebook increasingly becoming Twitter and Twitter wanting to look like Facebook? It seems that these kings of the social media take good note of what works for them to each one, and put it into practice. Of be true the final revelation of Wong, the platform of microblogging would be preparing a system that allows you to use multiple emoji to show what you think a ‘tweet’.

According to how it looks in the picture shared by Wong, the social network already have this functionality in testing phase, so that it can be assumed that it is already fully functional and you may not delay long in seeing her. Yes, due to the recent redesign of Twitter, it is not clear if this is a new feature for the desktop version or to the the mobile phone, as both are quite similar.

The reactions encountered by the developer the symbol of 100, the forbidden, the face of laughter on the verge of tears, the surprise and shock of palms. Since then, it would be more fun than the classic ‘I like it’, ‘I love’, ‘fun for Me’, ‘I’m amazed’, ‘I am sad’, ‘I get angry’ and the recent ‘I matter’ of Facebook.

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Twitter could be working on a system of ‘reactions’ similar to Facebook
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June 11, 2020

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