Twitter: in what cases it can suspend or block my account and how can I recover it?

Twitter account suspended Vox for “incitement to hatred”. The party of Santiago Abascal joined last Saturday with the spokesman of the socialist party, Adriana Lastra, by the pin parental, saying that “public money to” promote “pederasty”. The platform informed the party that it could not post more messages if you don’t erase the controversial ‘tweet’, something that is denied.

What happens when an account is suspended in this social network? If your account is disabled temporarily by allegations of spam or of abusive behaviour, for example, you can prevent that you post messages from the same during a certain period of time.

“in order to maintain a safe environment for users, we reserve the right to suspend accounts that violate Twitter Rules”, say from the platform of microblogging in your help center. Among the common reasons for the suspension, they say, include the following:

If the account of a real person has been blocked by an error claiming that it is false or has characteristics of the spam, Twitter says that they will work “with that person to reactivate your account”. The platform will be asked to follow a series of steps to confirm that you are the legitimate owner, which basically is done by sending a code via phone –SMS or call.

If you’re logged in and you see a message that your account has been blocked by security reasons means, as we said, that this may have been compromised. You’ll be able to unlock it by changing your password.

Finally, if your account is limited “because it is presumed that you have violated the Rules of Twitter”, you can continue navigating in the platform, but you can’t ‘tweet’, ‘retweet’ or use the function ‘like’, and only your followers will see your ‘tweets’ above. Yes you can send Direct Messages to your followers.

For desbloquar the account in this last case, it is possible that Twitter will ask you to delete messages that do not comply with their rules.

If you believe that your account was restricted in error, you can submit an appeal directly through your Twitter application or the forms on the web.

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Twitter: in what cases it can suspend or block my account and how can I recover it?
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January 24, 2020

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