Twitter is posed to limit who can reply to your tweets

The director of product management Twitter, Suzanne Xie, announced in the CES 2020 Las Vegas some of the new features that the platform will be in this year, according to the international environment The Verge.Xie has focused on the changes at the level of conversation, because it seems to be that the social network is working on a new setting so that you can choose who participates in your conversations. You’ll have four options: ‘Global’, which allows anyone to respond to your ‘tweets’; ‘Group’, that includes the people you follow and mention; ‘Panel’, that is those people you mention specifically in the ‘tweet’; and ‘Statement’, means only public, without allowing receive any answer.“We want to help people feel safe participating in the dialogue of Twitter with more control over the conversations that begin”, explained from Twitter, adding that in the first months of the year, “they are going to experiment with different options” in terms of limiting the responses. If ‘the experiment’ out well, would be launched by the end of 2020 at the global level.

In recent times, users have already been complaining at different times of the “censorship” lately applied to Twitter and economic interests and corporate behind the platform.Twitter was born, supposedly, as a space in Internet in the talk freely, and a community in which to communicate your ideas. By now, any user can make an account and write 280 characters about what they want and, on the other hand, the rest of the world also have the right to replicarle. This is the dialogue.However, limiting the ability to respond to the ‘tweets’ could result in the final thrust to the dynamics marked by the control of Twitter from a while ago. The platform of microblogging justify this movement in the “safety” of that type, and in the fight against the ‘trolls’ and anti-bullying, but many claim that it is only a mechanism of surveillance more.One of the main concerns that has been raised this announcement has been made of the fact that, if you are not able to respond to the ‘tweets’ -in the case of the limited as a ‘Statement’-, proliferate fake news or false news.When asked to the director of product management if you are worried about whether the ability to limit answers could mean that the wrong information can’t be refuted so easily, this has been pointed out that the users will still have the ability to “quote a tweet” and this would be a “possible solution”, although it has been recognized that it is something that you still need to study: “it Is something we will be watching very closely while we experimented with the limit of answers”.
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Twitter is posed to limit who can reply to your tweets
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January 13, 2020

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