Twitter will delete inactive accounts to free up user names

The social network Twitter announced Tuesday that the next month will delete accounts that have not been used in the last half year, to “release” so user names that are not currently available to new users even if they are barely used.”As part of our commitment to serving the public conversation, we are working to clean up inactive accounts and presented as well information more accurate and credible in that the people can trust on Twitter,” said the San Francisco company (California, USA) in a press release.”Part of this effort is to encourage people to view and use Twitter actively once they have registered an account, as indicated in our policy of inactive accounts” targeted from the company.From this Tuesday and over the next few days, Twitter will contact you by email with users who have not accessed the social network during the last six months to alert them to that, or connect to Twitter before December 11, or their accounts will be deleted and your user name may be “sponsored” by another user.According to the company, it will not be necessary for these persons to share a message on the platform, but only connect to it, that is to say, to access with your user name and password, to prevent its removal.As a result of this movement, it is foreseeable that a significant number of accounts to be deleted -whether because their owners have lost interest in the social network, because they have died or because they use a different account – and that, therefore, those user names will become available in the future.The announcement of the social network takes place a day after Monday is know that an error code has allowed developers of apps downloaded through the virtual store Google Play, access to the personal data of hundreds of users of Facebook and Twitter.The error was in the “package” for software developers “One Audience” and allowed those who create applications for access to information of the users such as e-mail addresses, user names and shared content.
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Twitter will delete inactive accounts to free up user names
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November 26, 2019

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