Ubisoft introduces large internal changes to achieve more originality in their games

very Important news that will give more autonomy to creative as the responsible Child of Light or Splinter Cell.

Ubisoft you want your games to have more personality and are working in reforming its internal structure to the editorial team that decides which games get the green light to have more independence. The editorial team of Ubisoft is a team formed by about a hundred designers and producers of the company that has direct influence on the games of the company, which includes elements such as the design playable or the script.

This equipment has allowed the company to give more internal coherence to the titles of the company, and allow the lessons learned from a game to move more easily to other computers. It is considered that the greater presence of open-world games in the catalogue of the company is a result of such homogenization.

Too much similarity has finished spending bill

however, the results of the company in 2019 are attributed in part to several games relevant have not reached the targets set. In particular, it has been considered that The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint have weighed on the company, which has taken the decision to give more development time to a multitude of games to ensure a higher standard of quality, and even introduce relevant changes.

These changes will take the form also of modifications in the way in which to produce video games and this will affect also to the editorial team.

Changes in the editorial team of Ubisoft

Ubisoft is going to expand and reorganize this editorial team, as explained by the company to the average british VGC. “We are strengthening our editorial team to be more agile and better as a company for our teams from around the world,” have said.

One of the goals is to get a catalog more varied in Ubisoft, thus solving the complaints of lack of innovation and excessive similarity between the titles produced by the company gala. This is a question that Yves Guillemot, president, addressed publicly in October.

editorial team is going to continue under the direct supervision of Serge Hascoet, are not thus provided for changes in the leadership of creative. However, you are going to have more vice-presidents respond to Hascoet. At the same time, are expected to have more autonomy to provide different perspectives to the company projects.

Each vice president will have its own sagas and the autonomy to create independent decisions. Hascoet will be responsible for reviewing the progress and check if we reach the milestones defined.

The team leaders, for their part, will also have more responsibilities and greater autonomy so that each team can define its own personality and inject it as well to their video games. The idea is that supervisors (who are in the headquarters in Paris) to be able to be more autonomous in their decisions until now.

a Few ideas that were used in many games

According to an anonymous source has explained, this can mean a significant change to multiply the ideas and points of view that become reality in the video games of the company. “In the system that had, until now, had sometimes ideas of one or two people that got in all the games. that’s why you saw so many similarities between the games, because it was an opinion to replicate”.

To improve the situation, the vice-chairs will be assigned to veteran members of the company, as Tommy Francois or Patrick Plourde. As well, the creative directors of games such as Child of Light will have more weight and independence. Among the promoted is also Maxime Béland, who returns to Ubisoft after passing by Epic Games: Béland is responsible for Splinter Cell.

The changes are already in place

At least an outstanding game in development in Montreal has been canceled, even though that was very advanced, ca s a result of this new policy. although they have not been given concrete reasons, everything suggests that it has been determined that the title was going to suffer the stigma of being perceived as more of the same.

in Addition, Ubisoft has decided to give a change of direction to different titles that were being designed under the paradigm of games as a service to equip them with of more personality and differentiate them, hoping that in the end this results in better products under the seal of the company.

Ubisoft introduces large internal changes to achieve more originality in their games
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January 18, 2020

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