Udacity presents new course Introduction to Programming


Udacity, in collaboration with the San Jose State University, presents the latest course added to its catalog called Intro To Programming, a course for beginners and novices in the field of programming that will teach us to work with Java for simple and complex problem solving, learn different working methods, loops and more.

Taught by Cay Horstmann of San Jose State University and by Sara Tansey and Cheng-Han Lee, Udacity team members, the course aims to teach students what can be done with some programming basics, proclaiming that “we can make a computer do what we want always we speak your language “. The course will also serve to recognize college credit, so who wants validation and recognition of credits in addition to the knowledge that can give the course, you have until May 24 to apuntaros.

If you wonder why the course is focused on Java and other languages, this same problem answered in the course website, where it states that Java is a good starting point to be easy, safe, popular and useful.

The course starts on June 3rd this year and if you want apuntaros simply have to click on this link and click on the link “Add To My Courses”.

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Udacity presents new course Introduction to Programming
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May 10, 2013

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