@Ultralinx Tricks to take better pictures

@Ultralinx Tricks to take better pictures

If you want to get better minimalist or objects photos, be sure to consider these tips Oliur Rahman (alias Ultr...

If you want to get better minimalist or objects photos, be sure to consider these tips Oliur Rahman (alias Ultralinx ).

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Although not have millions of followers, Oliur Rahman (alias Ultralinx) is one of those people whom we must try to learn everything you can, especially if we talk about object photography. And, although it is not dedicated to photography exclusively, this designer and enterprising English has exquisite taste. Something that has led him to work for companies like Amazon, Sony, Nike, BMW, Fiat, Playboy and even even the very Justin Bieber.

Photos of Ultralinx stand by that “complex simplicity” that transmit But today we will not talk about their designs, if not the photos you share in your Instagram account and techniques used. If we look at his publications, we can find photos of all types: their designs, landscapes, cars, interior … but above all, objects (especially gadgets). Some pictures that stand out for its extreme simplicity. Although the position of each object seems coincidental, everything has been carefully placed. Not to mention the apparent minimalism and simplicity that transmit a full picture of things. Much of the success of their work lies in its good taste when combining each element, but also has a few “trump cards”. Some tricks that he shared with his followers in two videos ( the first and the second) and we echo that today.

This” shoot “Ultralinx


To start, team talking, where strongly emphasizes that we must not spend much to have great results. Although his photograph could be considered “study”, his team is limited to a micro 4/3 camera (a Panasonic GM1 ), a 20mm lens with aperture F / 1.7 and a “cheap light box bought on Amazon”. In fact gives more importance to the techniques used to the team


first it has to do with the way that the camera. Since photos usually predominates in white or, failing that captures a very bright space has set the camera to take a movie with less contrast and saturation (-2 in both) and overexpose the picture slightly, while account more clearly. A style that ends up finish at the time of the issue through VSCO ( one of the best apps for editing photos in iPhone). There again overexpose the image more before adding any family filter “A” and crop the image to Instagram. A simple with which it is able to get that style so personal process.

Minimalism does not mean white backgrounds


If speak usual minimalist photography is to think in a perfectly lit space with a white background and an object in the center. However, the work of Ultralinx is the best example that not always have to be like

Photo by Ultralinx.

we just have to keep an eye on the photos to see how he is able to focus on an object while it conveys the simplicity that characterizes him without resorting to white background. To do this recommended create scenarios in different layers. How?

  • objects background that despite appear blurred, we help create atmosphere. Not have to be anything special, but it is important how they are placed and are no more striking than the main object.
  • and the main object in the foreground located in one of the points of visual interest, and focused.

a technique with which we can create simple scenarios without are “empty”.


Although if you do not want to give the white background, the advice given Oliur is to place two large pieces of foam board L-shaped and then place the object in question above.

you can see the work of Oliur Rahman (alias Ultralinx) in web and the rest of your pictures on your profile Instagram.


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