Umi Max, a giant 6-inch screen approaches

Umi Emax Mini

Umi is a manufacturer that, even without an excessive presence in the Android world taking cascoporro terminals, yes it is a relatively well-known brand. To turn away some rumors mobiles will present leading manufacturers, we will meterno a little with the future Umi Max, a phablet with all of the law.

And with this Umi Max will have a AMOLED nothing more and nothing less than 6 inches , although it is still unknown whether it will bring or QHD resolution FullHD. the rest of the hardware it will bring, and the final price is still unknown, although we can expect great things if they put effort


This phablet come to compete with other Chinese mobile generous size as the Xiaomi Mi ** Max, Leeco Le Max 2, or ZTE Nubia ** Max Z11, but we’ll see if it can really be among them. What is clear is that if they continue the policy Umi Emax Mini how good feelings did not cause, could give much to talk about after their submission.

as we knew interesting things about this phablet, we’ll keep you updated as soon as possible, and . we are waiting to know their hardware and, especially, its price

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Umi Max, a giant 6-inch screen approaches
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July 28, 2016