Unlock the bootloader of your HTC Firewater easily with S-Off


Currently, most manufacturers block certain access device for safety and to prevent inexperienced users from altering the OS. We talk bootloader

Wait, what is the bootloader

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For those who do not know what the bootloader , is boot manager is completely your whole device. By default, many devices come with it locked, ie coded . But then, when you want to modify the custom recovery or installing a different ROM new which has by default, this lock prevents us. Why?, Because it allows you to change the start mode of the terminal and therefore can not be started if it is not the default mode.

So far, those who dared to tinker with their HTC had to undergo hardships to open the bootloader on your device but this method has passed away. A scene developers have created an Android application that can completely unlock the bootloader of your device. Confused with free.

Firewater S-Off, unlocked the bootloader on your HTC in seconds

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The program is called Firewater S-Off and with the help of SDK of Android, terminal the computer and this app, unlock our HTC in under a minute.

The process to do this is a introduce a series of commands by our computer terminal, either Windows , Linux or Mac . You will have to download a folder and placed here with the command window. In Windows you will have to press Shift and right-click the folder, then click on “Open command window here”.

requirements to perform this process are

Download the folder with the necessary files here

Having installed

  • Drivers your device
  • completely uninstalled HTC Sync .
  • connection Internet on your HTC (WiFi, 3G …)
  • not have any lock terminal (pattern, code, Face Unlock ..)
  • Enable

  • debugger mode (Phone Info> Pulsáis 7 times faster in Build Number. then ye turn back, and developer options pulsáis in USB Debugging mode or debugger)
  • Connect it via USB to your computer.
  • process to follow it varies by device rooteado or without rooting . In the case of not having rooteado, this program not we rooteará but recourse to a temporary root . Later, if I want rootearlo if not, will have to perform rooteo ourselves. To facilitate you search, we leave you with an article where we explain how many HTC models

    commands to follow are as follows:.

    adb reboot <--- IMPORTANT
    adb wait-for-device push firewater / data / local / tmp
    TEMPROOT adb push / data / local / tmp ( If you are not root )

    adb shell chmod 755 / data / local / tmp / TEMPROOT ( If you are not root )
    chmod 755 / data / local / tmp / firewater
    / data / local / tmp / TEMPROOT ( If you are not root )
    / data / local / tmp / firewater

    Here we show

    video provided by the guys at Firewater where he teaches us, in a more graphic way, as the unlocking process is performed. It is done on a Mac but the steps are identical in Windows.

    Watch the video

    How you can see, the process is very simple and only you would have to write identical to those commands to unlock your HTC.

    The developers of this program claim that it works with virtually any recent model of HTC , starting with the One and HTC passing the Droid DNA. In short, you must have a Qualcomm processor . If you have problems with unlocking comentad below with the name of your model. Do confirm that the bug is in the program or that you miss something, like drivers.

    Once we released the bootloader, we will have more freedom to do with our device we want. For example, you can try modified ROMs of Android on your HTC. Surely ye may upgrade to a newer version of Android and interesting features.

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    Unlock the bootloader of your HTC Firewater easily with S-Off
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    February 1, 2014

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