Upgrade your Samsung with Odin in web version and downloadable for offline with JOdin3


Many of us have had some time to to flash a Android ROM to our device. Whether you upgrade to a newer version before the release OTA or to install a Custom ROM.

Samsung users know the Odin tool, which allows you to flash ROMs to your device quickly and conveniently. Well, thanks to a group of members XDA , from now we can enjoy JOdin3 .

JOdin3, Odin based on Java and SO all

JOdin3 is a tool for flashing ROMs which can be accessed from our browser and under the operating system you want : Linux, Mac and Windows. Moreover, being based on java are all facilities, we also have the option to download the file java and run it on your computer as it would execute in anywhere.

The fact that we can enjoy today JOdin3 is thanks to Adam Outler and CASUAL , which means acronyms Cross-platform Android Loader Auxiliary Unified Scripting. CASUALcore , is based on java and Heimdall and allows access to the device beyond observing its content but modify files and flash ROMs or make root . Is this the beginning of rooteo through a website and pressing a button?, Maybe.

The JOdin3 interface is practically equal to that of Odin Original , so current users will have no trouble Odin JOdin3 use. No installations, no changes, everything are advantages? For now yes.

One of the advantages of JOdin3 is that automatically gets the PIT file for flashing the device, yes, we have to restart our device . Furthermore, the advantage involved in being based on Heimdall is that both Mac and Linux, the drivers for the correct operation of the tool install themselves Windows and also should, but if you do not work, corresponding Lineman your drivers and go.

ROM formats compatible with this tool are tar.md5 , tar.gz and tar.md5.gz . So I do not think there are many problems to compatibilities flash a ROM since the vast majority are in those formats.

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Both the official website JOdin3 as the file jar to download are already available . So you can enjoy this new tool and finally update your device easy and guided way , because if something is presumed JOdin3 offering support during the process.

Clarify that JOdin3 to use you will have to have Java , otherwise it will not work installed. If is based on java, which unless you have installed java on your computer, right?

Do you think this new tool or you will continue to flash using Odin?, Comentad below.

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Upgrade your Samsung with Odin in web version and downloadable for offline with JOdin3
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January 8, 2014

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