Upload stories, save posts, and more: This is all what we can do in Instagram without installing the app

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All the world has gone to Instagram. Is the social network of fashion. The one who receives all the affection of Facebook. Without doubt one of the best purchases technology of all time, and that with the passing of months has been strengthened as the most active, where almost all the users are sharing their experiences and best photographs.

despite the fact that Facebook remains the largest in Instagram is where there is most movement and whose application is constantly updated. But now we don’t want to talk about the application of Instagram, but of your web page.

at The beginning Instagram was 100% mobile, but after that, he was the web version that allowed you to look at the pictures. Were later added comments. And now, Instagram has returned to be updated to allow for see stories from the web and even be able to create them from the mobile browser. Which leads us to ask ourselves; do we need to continue to install the Android application to be able to use Instagram?

Instagram works great on the web..


If we open the mobile browser and visit https://www.instagram.com/ we ask you to initiate session in the application. Once inside of fact we will have a home page very similar. With the pictures big and the lower part with five shortcuts for Home, search, create, activity, and profile. In addition to the top us you will see the stories and the circle to create our own.

Each section has a similar performance to that of the application, and in fact we also have the possibility to make like pressing two times the photo and other gestures. If it was not because above, we have the URL we could not discover that we are in a web and not in the application. It is the magic of the web-apps, which in the case of Instagram is one of the best.

Instagram Web 2

The menus will look more rudimentary and you don’t get the fluidity that conveys the application. At the time of comment we are also more limited and we lack the button of direct to share.

Settings Instagram

The search tab for example works but we do not automatically suggests information. Even so, we do have the section of discover people.

…but is not as fast or customisable as the app


The main change of the mobile web regarding the official application is on the rise of images. While in the application we have the camera itself in the browser forwards to the camera native from the mobile. In addition to the way we lose the filters and all the options to edit the image that we do have in the app of Instagram. Eye, yes we have hashtags on the web version so everything else may not matter.

The web version of Instagram is basically for times of emergency or to upload images in a simple way. the Crop and send. While the app Instagram allows us to take maximum advantage of this network. Those who are thinking of removing the app from Instagram but want to continue applying filters, you can do that with publishers of third party photos.

Information of followers most basic


The difference between the mobile version and the application note in the majority of sections. The activity tab is another example. While on the website we have a list of cold who liked it or who has said, in the mobile application suggests to us that we follow more people, we group together the notifications and has a cleaner look. In part reminds us clearly to the notifications of Facebook, whose apps and web versions are equivalent.

Comments but no likes


The web version of Instagram also allows you to view and make comments. A added that was not initially. However in the web we can not give you the like by clicking on the heart. the Also, we can’t reply directly to comments, so that when it comes to maintaining a conversation is much more difficult.

you are ready to upload stories to Instagram from the web

Stories Website

But the biggest addition to the mobile web version are the stories of Instagram. In the same way that we created in the application, now we can also add from the web version.

what is it that happens? Basically they are much easier. In the web version we can make a photo, add text, adjust its position and adding color. But little more. Nothing to do with all the possibilities offered by the stories from the app.

Stories App

The stories arrive on the web but we don’t have zoom, not have effects, we have not added nor filters, nor can we make live as it is allowed from the Android application.

What began as an app totally mobile has evolved to become a social network that also has a website. A from which we can not only view photos, but also post and comment. Only the true experts of Instagram always will prefer all the additions from the app.


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Upload stories, save posts, and more: This is all what we can do in Instagram without installing the app
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