Urban Legends horror in video games

Urban Legends horror game

Not long ago I moved to a bedroom to start my first year in college, and a good friend He gave me his old Nintendo 64 to play with in my spare time. could finally play all those games from my childhood that I had not played in over a decade . The Nintendo only had a yellow middle copy command and hit Super Smash Brothers, and as a gift you can not demand much. It did not take almost anything bored to fight the enemies of CPU time and again, so I decided to go for a walk around the campus and keep an eye on some sales to garage to see getting.

Thanks to the ignorance of some parents sell things they do not know anything, I ended up with a copy of Pokemon Stadium, Goldeneye, F-Zero, and two other controls for just two dollars. Very satisfied with my purchases started driving out of the neighborhood and then one last house caught my attention.

I still have no idea why I stopped there, there was no car parked and just had a table pots full of all kinds for sale. But something drew me to that place . I got out of the car and an older man greeted me. His appearance was … unpleasant. It was weird, if you ask me why I say it was unpleasant, really do not know how to explain it, there was nothing special that can point, you just had something about him that made me the creeps, nervous, alert. All I can say is that if it were not full afternoon and the crowded street, had not even thought to approach him.

I smiled and then asked what I was looking for. Immediately I noticed something wrong with one of his eyes, it was probably blind him, he looked dull and strange. I did everything possible to look at his other eye to not offend, and asked if he had any old game.

To my surprise, the strange man said that if he had some in a box and went to the garage to find them. I was thinking as politely apologize and get out of that uncomfortable situation. Mientra looking old games, I was looking at the rest of the things that were on the table. What caught my eye were a lot of drawings similar to those used in the Rorschach, nothing strange shapes and pleasant to look at, with reason no one had come to buy. One of the images I thought exactly like Majora’s Mask , the same heart-shaped silhouette with spikes sticking to the sides. At first I thought that as I was secretly looking forward to meeting this game , somehow I had gotten the picture myself in the head. Now, given the events that occurred then, I’m not so sure. I should have asked the man about it .



Internet is full of urban legends of all kinds, some as Slender Man are born directly on the web, and contrary to the horror stories to which we are accustomed for many, many years, they found no place in websites of black backgrounds, bright red letters with the advent of personal computers and globalization, but They were born within the network.

Oh !, sorry for interrupting the story of a so abruptly, this is just a pause for a bathroom break and learn a bit of trivia while thinking silhouette the mask.

The term “ creepypasta ” is used to describe horror legends or images that have been copied and pasted into Internet everywhere. Of course, they have the intention to scare Internet users, and is a play on words between “creepy” (creepy, eerie) and “pasta” of “glue” as in “copypasta”. The history of Ben drowned is one of the creepypastas best known and is the story we started counting at the beginning of this post.

Of course, some fiction much more serious about what they should, and the case of Slender man it is one of the most alarming. In 2014 in the city of Waukesha Wisconsin state in the United States, a girl was stabbed 19 times by two other girls 12 years of age, both said they wanted to prove that the legend was real and that the murder was the first step to connect with Slender Man. One man even said that the monitors Slender, can read minds and teleports.

Slender Man was created in 2009 in an Internet forum. A tall, thin, sinister and ghostly figure wearing a black suit on and kidnaps children . Over time you were giving other sinister characteristics and different urban legends were created around it, to date, there is really a rigorous mythological canon of Slender Man, and all depends on who tells the story.

Sometimes the line between reality and fiction, it’s just very thin.

I would have asked


After that I stay watching him for a while drawing the shape of the Majora mask, looked up and there was the man in front me, I am smiling and with a Nintendo 64 cartridge on hand. Without realizing extended my hands and a little nervous laugh I took the game offered me. It was the standard gray color, only that someone had written with permanent black marker the word “ Majora “. I felt butterflies in my stomach when I noticed how amazing coincidence , and asked the old man how much he wanted for it.

“Goodbye Ben”, was saying “Goodbye Ben”.

The man looked at me smiling and said I could keep him free, that belonged to a boy of about my age who no longer lived here. There was something strange about the way he said it, but did not pay much attention because I was quite absorbed in fact not only have won the game, but I was not going to cost anything.

I I reminded myself that I should be skeptical, because the cartridge looked quite suspicious and had no guarantee it would work. However, the optimistic part of me told me that maybe it was some kind of beta version or pirated copy of the game and that was all I needed to play. I thanked the man, he smiled and said “Goodbye, you’re right” or at least that’s what I understood. All the way back home invaded me the feeling that I had perhaps said something else.

My fears were confirmed when I turned on the console and put the game to my surprise worked well, and was only saved one item called “BEN”. “Goodbye Ben”, was saying “Goodbye Ben”. I felt bad for the guy, obviously he was a grandfather, probably senile, and I, for some reason I remembered her grandson Ben.

Just out of curiosity I loaded the game, looking over could say I was quite advance, had almost all the masks and lacked only a third defeat of the bosses. I thought that it was a pity that he had come so far and never had a chance to finish the game . I created a new game called “Link” by tradition, and prepared to relive my childhood.



Minecraft There is a legend that has yet to be tested by anyone. Herobrine it is.

Herobrine is supposedly a hostile NPC has undergone many creepypastas in recent years. Herobrine not appear in the game code, as have the stories have the same appearance as the default Steve, but with white and empty eyes . Thousands of players have spent days searching for Herobrine in different and infinite randomly generated worlds in Minecraft, however, evidence of their existence has never been found

Some rumors say it’s dead brother Notch , a ghost, an urban legend horror in video games.

Sometimes called me “BEN”

The game ran quite well, however the only thing that seemed disturbing is NPCs one times called me “Link” and other “BEN”. I figured it would be a simple bug. When I really fear was caused when I decided to delete the saved game “BEN” hoping the problem was resolved, but did not happen. Now the characters not called me in any way, in the place where my name should appear in the dialogues there was only a blank.

The game began to behave strangely, characters appearing in places where there should, strange glitches , and messages began to appear, as if something tried to contact me. ** I felt invaded by an inexplicable and deep depression that not even thought could exist **, I’m not a person get depressed, but a powerful presence seemed to have spilled over me.

After the message “Dawn of a New Day” appear on the screen, was transported to a strange area like the Town Clock normally I walked like you do when you start on Day 1, but all the inhabitants had disappeared . Perhaps the scariest part was the music, Song of Healing played in reverse, and was getting louder and louder as if something were to happen any time, but nothing ever happened, and constant repetition began to have an impact on my mental state. I had never felt so alone in a videogame before .


As I walked through the ghost town now had misplaced textures and the atmosphere was completely distorted, the tune used to be cozy and peaceful now sounded like it was being torn apart, I was on the verge of tears and had no idea why.

I tried leaving Clock Town, but every time I tried the screen was black and appeared again in the same place. I tried playing my Ocarina, but every time he touched Song of Time or Song of Soaring just appeared a message saying “ Your notes go far, but nothing happens “. It was obvious that the game does not want me to, but I had no idea that kept me here. I did not enter the buildings, I was terrified. Somehow I got the idea that if maybe I drowned in the pool where people washed their clothes perhaps could revive somewhere else and get out.

was when it happened

When I ran towards the pool, Link grabbed his head and the screen began to flicker for a brief moment showing Face Mask Salesman , happy, smiling, directly to me and not Link, to me. Skull Kid’s screams sounded in the background, and when the screen back to normal I was looking at the statue of link that is created when you play the song Elegy of Emptiness . I cried when that thing looked at me with his frightening facial expression, I turned and ran back to the Clock Tower, and to my horror the damn statue had followed me .

From time to time, at random intervals, the animation and the statue started appearing behind me. It is as if chasing or stalking-not even want to say.

 link majoras statue

this time was on the verge of hysteria, but never crossed my mind the idea of ​​turning off the console. I do not know why, I was enthralled and terror felt too real. Link began having strange animations that had never seen him, having spasms suddenly and the screen showing the face Mask Salesman smiling again for a short time until the damn statue appeared again behind me. I ran, but the statue cornered me in a corner, I tried to attack her with my sword without success. Confused, just looked at the statue waiting to kill me.

Suddenly, the screen flickered again with the seller face masks, and Link turned to face me, looking at the statue and my eyes same time. The destroyed wall allowed me to run and play caught me in a kind of underground tunnel, Song of Healing started ringing again and the statue appeared behind me again and more aggressively, could only give a few steps before he appeared again. I got out of the tunnel and appeared in Southern Clock Town, running in panic screen went black again and the words “Dawn of a New Day” reappeared.


The screen back to normal and I was at the top of the Clock Tower, Skull Kid was on my looking at me with that horrible mask. I equipped my bow and try to shoot, but just appeared a message saying “It does not do you any good. Hee, hee.” Something lifted me off the ground and made me fall back, Link screamed and exploded into flames killing him immediately. While Link’s body was on fire, Skull Kid laughed and the screen dissolved into black color. The same scene happened three times, this time Link was lying on the ground dead, a position he had never seen before. I could not move, could not press any buttons, all I could do was look at the body of Link.


After about thirty seconds, the game simply showed a screen with the message “You have found a terrible fate, right?” before sending you back to the title screen. When I returned to the screen to press Start, I noticed my save game was not there, instead had been replaced by one called “your turn.” This item had three hearts, no mask and no item. I picked out and immediately appeared on the roof of the clock tower scene with dead Link and Skull Kid floating around, laughing and laughing again and again. Press the reset and when the game started again, there was a new saved game under “YOUR TURN” call “BEN”. This item was right where it was before I erase .

At that moment I turned off the game. I’m not superstitious, but this was too much even for me. I have not played most all day, I could not even sleep well last night. I keep hearing Song of healing in reverse in my head and feeling the terrible burden of having explored Clock Town that night. I went back to the old man’s house to ask some questions and took a friend (or joke again only there), but only found a notice of “For Sale” in the garden out front, and there was nobody in home.

I think “BEN” means something important in all this, but not what it is, if I could find the old and ask maybe find answers. The next time you play will write everything I can and put it on YouTube. I think I’m going to play the game BEN morning to see what happens , maybe it was supposed to do that from the start. I do not believe in paranormal things, but this is quite rare, perhaps Ben is just a good programmer or hacking not want to think about alternatives if not.


Urban Legends horror in video games
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June 13, 2015

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