USA Edition: Triumphal Crossover ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’, ‘The Walking Dead’ ‘sweeps’ and ‘Supergirl’ upward

The Flash Arrow Crossover

We are about to say goodbye to another week, which in Tele Go! It is synonymous with our traditional look at the most exciting developments on the American series for the past seven days. The triumphant crossover ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ , the comeback of ‘Supergirl’ , ‘The Walking Dead’ sweeping (but less ) or postponement of the second season of ‘Agent Carter’ are some of the issues today, where for once stand significantly the good news about the bad. <-! more-- >

The triumphant crossover ‘The Flash’ and Arrow ‘

Personally, I think the ultimate crossover between’ The Flash ‘and’ Arrow ‘was the worst so far between two series and has made clear that the first need as eating regain the freedom to do and undo at will. Of course, audiences say something quite different, since both got up to season series with its own episode of this week . ‘The Flash’ grew to 3.94 million viewers and 1.4 in the demo, while ‘Arrow’ to 3.66 million spectators rose and equaled 1.4 super in the ratings of the first.

‘The Walking Dead’ is sweeping (but less)

The Walking Dead

It seems that ‘The Walking Dead ‘already peaked in question up to now always up hearings regarding the previous year, but it is also true that continues to ravage without major problems. This time he has managed to some overwhelming 13.98 million viewers and a 7.0 dazzling demos with the final episode of the first half of the sixth season. Amazing, but slightly lower than those harvested by the same chapter of the fifth season data because managed 14.81 million viewers and 7.6 in the ratings.

‘Marco Polo’ will have a special episode 26 December

Ya renewed for a second season, fans of ‘Marco Polo’ are in luck this week as Netflix has announced that on December 26 launched a special episode of one hour entitled ‘Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes’. it seems that will focus on the blind protagonist’s mentor

Supergirl stops its fall


‘Supergirl’ had kept a downward spiral since its release, as each chapter was less seen as above. That had expected to lose nearly 13 million viewers to just over 7 but broke that trend this week to get his sixth win nearly a million spectators about the fifth. 8.03 million viewers and a 1.6 in the demo are very respectable figures, and much improved over the viewings delayed.

Will there had something to do with this announcement that tendrá full season? Possibly, but I suspect the not have to compete directly against ‘Dancing With the Stars’ , the latest of which ended last week, will also have played an important role.

‘ Vatican City ‘, the new from the creators of’ The Good Wife ‘

Robert and Michelle King have reached an agreement with Amazon to push through’ Vatican City ‘, a series that tells the story of A journalist working in a network of Roma who is hired to perform Pope himself as spokesman . For now it is unknown who may be the protagonist and, obviously, the release date, but I’m looking forward to seeing.

‘Agent Carter’ postponed

 Agent Carter

The premiere of the second season of ‘Agent Carter’ estaba scheduled for this coming January 5, and top with a double episode. Everything went smoothly, but the team of Barack Obama has set his State of the Union on 12, so ABC has decided to postpone two weeks the arrival of new episodes of the series led by Hayley Atwell, finally being set for January 19.

The end of ‘Minority Report’

We all knew that ‘Minority Report’ was going to die as the Fox emitiese recorded last episode of the first season, which finally happened this past Monday. The truth is that achieved a clear turnaround, as 2.21 million viewers and 0.7 made in the demos are the best data it has achieved since its second episode, but that already gave the first granted that their renewal possibilities were pretty nil …

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USA Edition: Triumphal Crossover ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’, ‘The Walking Dead’ ‘sweeps’ and ‘Supergirl’ upward
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December 6, 2015

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