Using Tor Messenger to communicate safely

Using Messenger to communicate Tor so safe

We explain how to use the client secure messaging Tor Messenger that encrypts your conversations to be completely private.

ago some days, the Tor project announced the new beta of Tor Messenger , a client and secure messaging platform that sends all its traffic through the Tor network. Best of all is that it supports multiple transport networks, including Google Talk (Hangouts), Facebook Chat, Twitter, Yahoo, IRC, Jabber ( XMPP ), among others.

Tor Messenger is available for Windows, Linux and OS X . Totdas default unencrypted communications are prohibited. Which means that if the other person does not have a messaging client that supports OTR (Communication Off The Record) the messages will be transmitted.

Add an account

If you use Linux need to extract the downloaded package, and then run the ./ start-tor-messenger.desktop command from the file location to start the application. In OS X you debees copy of Tor Messenger application to your local disk before running it. In Windows you need only double-click the executable and allow installation of the package when the system will display a warning.

 tor messenger

When you start Tor Messenger must first connect to the Tor network, or set up a local proxy bridge or if the Internet connection on your computer is censored. In all other cases, press the top button should always work.

 tor messenger

Now you must set up one or messaging accounts you want. The list shows you several popular protocols by default (Gtalk, Facebook, XMPP) or you can expand it to access the other. Once you select the protocol, you must enter your account details and choose a local alias that can only see the people with whom you start a conversation.

tor messenger

Your contact list will be added automatically, and when you try start a conversation, Tor Messenger will warn if the communication is safe or not. Remember that the other person must have a messaging client inciar OTR to chat encryption. By default, Facebook and Google do not offer this

Finally, an important part to verify the identity of your contacts, you know OTR fingerprint ( OTR ) of the person with whom you speak so they can be sure they are who they seem. Your fingerprint is unique and should be public, so that others can verify your identity. It is a code like this: 2674D6A0 0B1421B1 BFC42AEC C56F3719 672437D8, and you can see directly in the application when you start a conversation

If you’ve ever used Pidgin, you will not notice Tor Messenger, clearly takes code. This messaging client open, and its operation is very similar only with the benefits of the Tor network.


Using Tor Messenger to communicate safely
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November 2, 2015

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