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WhatsApp has no stickers, we already know all, but what just came to this application messaging seems, at least a little: emoji giants . Or, at least, larger than they were already. Remember the vibrant heart of emoji huge throbbing in WhatsApp? No, they are not so big and are not animated, but better than nothing.

Use these emojis a larger size is fairly simple, because you do not need to do anything else. The size of the emoji automatically adjusts depending on how many you have included in the text . Of course, for now this improvement alone is in the last Beta WhatsApp, version 2.16.256

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Bigger the fewer there

The logic is quite simple. If you send a single emoji in a text message shown to the largest. If you send two size is reduced, and continues to shrink a little more if you send three. From four emoji, size is the same as we had before. Just in case the explanation is somewhat messy, here is a list:

  • 4 emoji or more: full size
  • 3 emoji : something bigger than normal
  • 2 emoji: full size
  • 3 emoji: extra size large
Whatsapp the emoji heart goes free

the emoji heart goes free, so that continues to create a giant beating heart if you send one. For a bigger chain of hearts, yes it behaves like the rest of the cast.

What if I do not want it to be big?

When you send emoji single large want to be shown or no, but if for some reason you would not want that were so, there is a little trick to avoid it. Just add any text to the message, such as space , so that the emoji shown to the standard size of a lifetime. Simple and effective

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Using WhatsApp Emoji giants
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September 2, 2016

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