‘Veep’: Yes, Madam President

‘Veep’: Yes, Madam President

At a time when the political environment in our country is more loaded (with “limits of humor” of additives) need to see ‘Veep’ . Okay, there are people who say “no, what we need is’ The West Wing ‘or’ House of Cards’ ‘; but that’s for amateurs. And the HBO comedy is on track to be the paradigm of US political satire. Not least the fact that Yankee offspring of Armando Iannucci, creator of British ‘ The Thick of It ‘.

‘Veep’ has completed its fourth season featuring new challenges for the team led by Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), after the events of the previous season (with the resignation of POTUS), begins his new career as President of the United States . And credits sequence tells us it will be a presidency in decline, and given the season, which has survived until election night is little more than a miracle.

Meyer begins his presidency trying by all means take forward its support law families (Families First Bill) while attempting the election campaign was not carried forward. But soon begin scandals when Meyer used confidential medical information in their speeches or electoral purposes. What makes several cabinet members have to “ resign for personal reasons .”

So in this season of ‘Veep’ how we try to weather the storm while Meyer has a new second in command to Vice: the ultracarismático Senator Tom James (Hugh Laurie) that at times seems the only sane and trying to take the bungling that there is no longer in the administration (which you should not Splashing not officially be in the White House), but in the election campaign. From the “hostage rescue” in Tehran, until the issue of the parents of recently deceased children

‘Veep’: Yes, Madam President

In the final stretch of the season is where it condenses all the pressure on senators to vote against the Law” Mami Meyer “(a necessary to have any chance of winning the election sacrifice) will explode in your face so that in the penultimate episode we have a very great research sessions in congress where the stabbing flying all around disasters seen in the season. An episode that I would personally like to highlight because it is one in which we see the protagonists of the series no longer out, but light years away from their comfort zone , which produces absolutely wonderful situations.

Perhaps was not as hilarious as in previous seasons (well, that’s always debatable), but ‘Veep’ has completed a batch of episodes with great moments and all those ingredients that so well knows how to handle Iannucci equipment: unfortunate statements in speeches, the frivolity of the relationships in Washington, but look ridiculous situations of “vital importance” … and a reminder that much Meyer and Meyer is not trample leave for nothing or anyone, willing to sacrifice anything to get out gracefully.

‘Veep’ has returned to give us one of the best political comedy that you can see. With some scripts that remain of a high standard, like the distribution and dynamics between them, the only big BUT is that one does not stop to take her affection for the characters. Yes, they make you funny, but not’d want in your life . In short, we have seen a great season. Ten episodes that have left us wanting to see if Selina is finally elected president or complicated mechanisms in the event of a tie they will cast out. But for that, I fear, we will have to wait for spring of next year.

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‘Veep’: Yes, Madam President
‘Veep’: Yes, Madam President
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‘Veep’: Yes, Madam President
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