Viewing your messages from the official Facebook application without Messenger, thanks to FBPatcher


or so ago cinco years Facebook decided to create a spinoff itself in the form of a separate application for messaging feature of the social network. Rather than read and send messages from the Facebook application, you needed to install another application, called Facebook Messenger.

This decision always had its supporters and detractors . On one side are those who hate the lenta and heavy which is the official Facebook app and prefer Messenger is a separate application. On the other, who do not want to have to install many applications to do almost the same. If you think like the latter, do not miss FBPatcher.

FBPatcher is a Java application that can Patching an official APK Facebook to activate the messaging function, yes, still today it is included in the application code. Thus you can use a modern version of Facebook without sacrificing integrated messaging, which disappeared in version 56


Patching your Facebook and say goodbye to Messenger

If ever you had wondered why an application of a social network that basically only see a list of images and text and add comments took up so much space (about 40 Mb), you now have the answer: there ancient features still included in its code . Specifically, courier.

The author of FBPatcher adds nothing new to Facebook, but limit yourself to incorporate access method messaging features still included within the main application. In principle can apply this patch to the version of Facebook that hell you want, from version 56 to the latest Alpha and Betas.

The patch is based on Java, so you can apply from Windows , Mac and Linux. The process is not complicated. You must follow these steps (for Windows, although very similar in other systems)

  • Java runtime on your PC
  • Descargar FBPatcher and extract to a folder such as C: fbpatcher
  • Download the APK Facebook you want to patch páginas as APKMirror
  • Put the APK Facebook in the same folder and rename it to fb.apk FBPatcher
  • Open fbpatcher.bat to start patching
  • Copy fb-patched.apk resulting file to your phone and install

If all it went well, Facebook will have recovered your message function. Otherwise, see the hilo XDA in which the author and the community offer intensive guidance problems and solutions.

A trick that will stop working at some point

Although it seems a simple patch, to check out the XDA thread is more than evident the great work of research behind it. FBPatcher modifies eight files to achieve that integrated Facebook messages back to life on the official application.

The result is not perfect-for example, you can not do or receive calls because that library is not included in the application Facebook- but considering that it is a residual function that should not even be there, the result is more than acceptable as you can see in the following screenshots .


It is not clear why the messaging function is still included , but locked, within the official Facebook application: if it is laziness or is part of some sort of plan B in case Messenger have any problems or Facebook change of strategy in their applications

in any. case, given that one of the major criticisms leveled against the official Facebook application is precisely that the application is very ponderous , is a matter of time that its engineers do a very necessary code cleanup Vintage.

When that happens, this patch will stop working with successive upgrades. For now, users of XDA report that it works perfectly in the latest Beta, so it does not seem that that day is near, for now

More information. | XDA
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Viewing your messages from the official Facebook application without Messenger, thanks to FBPatcher
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May 9, 2016

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