Vine launches a major update with video channels and many more news


Although it may not be so used, the coming of Vine has revolutionized the market for apps compatir moments in social networks. Instagram has forced to move , and to implement more features, and now, in response, Vine does the same to get more users. Do not you love competition?

Vine The new update has been defined as “the greatest” so far, which we will not discuss. Since, for example, introduces video channels . These channels video pieces divided into categories, to find the one you like best easily. There are different divisions, from the different types of pets (cats and dogs separated), others such as mood or beauty tips. There are a variety, a good example of the possibilities of the app. When you go up a new video, we can put it in any of the existing categories.

 vine-2  vine-3  vine-4

Another great new feature is the ability to share entries the people you follow, a” Retweet “, but with videos. So we can make our followers see the videos that interest us and we have found on the net. Among other improvements are a new widget as an icon with which you can quickly start recording , and new tools to capture, as a grid to take into account when we shot sizes.

Updating Vine is now available on Google Play.

Application on Google Play

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Vine launches a major update with video channels and many more news
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July 12, 2013

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