VineFlow, the alternate client to enjoy from your Android Vine


one month ago was publicly Vine acquisition by Twitter. As expected, shortly after twitter Vine includes services to embed videos of not more than 6 seconds long, directly in our tweets. This development was accompanied by a successful and controversial app for iOS, but droids we were without official app , not know what stupid reason . The fact is that while Twitter decides whether good things or leave us forever without applying VineFlow Vine has appeared, an alternative customer to enjoy our Android Vine.

I will try to bite my tongue and not comment on the stupidity of Twitter and the miserable despises how Android users (and I speak not only of this case, it is more ago), and focus on talking about the application itself. It really deserves our attention, first by letting us enjoy came before the arrival of the official app , and second because he really enjoys using a app is well made and neat interface .

 Vine-Flow-Android-sample4  Vine-Flow-Android-Sample3  Vine-Flow-Android-Explore is not all goodness and as usual with clients Twitter API does not allow access to all features . In this case the application simply letting us find and consume the video that other users have uploaded to Vine. And yet we can not even access all because the application can only access the latest videos. Now if we assume that we have a current search, the application works great like that and we can navigate through hashtags. Also includes options to find the latest videos posted without having to search or share the videos with friends and all with a nice clean interface.

With all this we can conclude that while not to enjoy the final implementation Vine, is a good temporary solution while Twitter decides whether one cares more pepper or all Android users. For now, and until this is resolved, you can try the app and tell us what you think .

[app] com.thirtymatches.vineflow [/app]


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VineFlow, the alternate client to enjoy from your Android Vine
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February 9, 2013

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