Vivendi buys more shares of Ubisoft and already accumulated a 17.73%

But deny they have plans to take control.
Vivendi denies having plans to acquire Ubisoft, despite the various rumors about the intentions of the conglomerate, but continue buying shares in the French company .
French conglomerate continues to increase its volume of Ubisoft shares and today it is estimated that have a 17.73% of the company , controlling a 15.66% of the votes of shareholders, according to company information uncovered by Reuters .
Although Vivendi insists that” no plans “to control Ubisoft , this is the second large purchase of shares made after reached 10% of the shares in 2015 . Then, the movement was already perceived as hostile by Ubisoft and since then, the company has made multiple movements with investors and government agencies in an attempt preserve its independence against a possible hostile takeover bid.
Ubisoft has issued a statement who insist on their intention to remain as an independent company. “ We are not surprised movements Vivendi nor their intentions. This is a confirmation of its strategy to get control surreptitious while they say they have no intention to take control of Ubisoft and simultaneously increase their volume of shares and prepare an offensive for the next annual meeting of shareholders, “they pointed out from Ubisoft.
” the directive Ubisoft is committed to ensuring independence of the company “, they have said, something that have already expressed several times in the past.

Vivendi buys more shares of Ubisoft and already accumulated a 17.73%
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May 1, 2016

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