VLC for Android updated: Jelly Bean support and resource optimization

As we all know, in Android have the freedom to choose the applications you want to perform tasks: we should not limit ourselves to applications that already come with our device, there are many alternatives. And surely all know VLC, one of the best video players out there for computers (if not the best).

Well, to get in position to not may know that it’s all about the team developing VLC decided to make an official version of VLC for Android . It is still in Beta, but is very stable, and does nothing have released the sixth version of this beta .

The news brings are, among others, better compatibility Android 4.1 Jelly Bean , makes better use of resources ( making the use of CPU and RAM are reduced ), sound fixes existing bugs, updates translations, and solves as many existing bugs in version 0.0.5. had already features remain the same : differentiated interface for smartphones and tablets, UI improvements and user speed improvements and stability (integrated in 0.0.5). Also of note is that it has support for devices mounted Tegra 2 processor or Intel.

In short: if you’re not happy with the video player that you have right now on your Android, this is the one liking: fast, stable and complete .

can install VLC for Android Beta from Google Play

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VLC for Android updated: Jelly Bean support and resource optimization
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October 22, 2012

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