Vodafone and SmartPass Wallet, NFC payment came to Spain


Finally got the card payment through our smartphone through Vodafone and Visa Europe . Vodafone Wallet , which is how Vodafone has called his new application , you will associate a prepayment Visa card provided by your smartphone and pay him more than 300,000 establishments contactless technology.

Vodafone Wallet NFC requires for its operation. But not only devices with NFC will enjoy this new payment method. You can find Vodafone Vodafone Wallet Updates within the application. So far this application is available for Android but is expected to be soon also available for iOS

For now there is a very short list of NFC devices approved by Vodafone.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy s4
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
  • HTC

  • One

smartphones that do not have or do have NFC and are not on the list, may request a sticker that we will stick to our device . With this label, the devices not approved by Vodafone, Vodafone will also enjoy Wallet.

In addition, Vodafone offers its users SmartPass card prepaid Visa that receive your house together with the sticker to paste on your device. The Visa prepaid card provided by Vodafone is physical, so that you can pay in facilities that lack contactless technology, withdraw balance at an ATM or make purchases online, provided it is compatible with Visa. This card can be reloaded later and, as a gift after the first recharge, Vodafone presented with 10 € to the first 5,000 customers who recharge their SmartPass card .

Another advantage offered by Vodafone Wallet is transfer money to another user with just your phone , of course, require a registration code before doing so.

Safety is the most important

As for safety, Vodafone Wallet will require a PIN when entering in the application . Once you have entered your PIN will see all active and deactivated cards we have added to Vodafone Wallet. For now we can only add SmartPass prepaid card, but is expected in the next few weeks you can add personal credit card.

When to pay more of the same, we enter our PIN to allow Vodafone Wallet to make payment. By default, the PIN will be requested if the amount is more than 20 €, but of course, this can be modified to our liking in the settings of Vodafone Wallet.

And vosostros, do you believe that the other operators will join the payment smartphones?, comentad below.

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Vodafone and SmartPass Wallet, NFC payment came to Spain
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November 24, 2013

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