Vodafone Cloud, security and cloud storage

 01 Vodafone vodafone cloud Cloud, security and cloud storage

vodafone Cloud is the new service phone company vodafone to compete with the many advances and deals from Movistar and Yoigo. To make a difference in their policies, href=”http://www.vodafone.es” title=”” vodafone presents its storage service in the href=”http://www.vodafone.es” title=”” cloud called vodafone Cloud and will offer 5GB free to all users to save images, music, href=”http://www.photos.com” title=”” photos and videos.

The Vodafone Club service is now available in Spain and in the coming months will begin to spread around different countries in Europe. With Vodafone Club can not only store files in the network, but we can share files with other users.

This last is an interesting feature because few storage services are allowing this, MediaFire and Dropbox including as the two best known. What kind of information can be stored in the cloud? From our contacts and messages on mobile to call log files and all kinds of data that can be useful and we wish to have access even if we do not have your phone handy.

Saving to rchives and data on the nub and can be extremely useful in case of theft or loss of mobile, while recognizing that this kind of thing and be done with other applications or by links to services like Gmail can create a backup copy of the Android phone in seconds.

 02 Vodafone vodafone cloud Cloud, security and cloud storage

The point is that, as well as offering the new service Movistar and Yoigo Fusion level their rates OMV, Vodafone is not far behind and seeks to attract users to their services and deals phone.

In addition to the 5 GB of free space, may use more than affordable rates for additional space: 10, 30 and 60 GB for the price of 1, 3 and 6 € per month respectively.

There is another attractive point in this new deal , as the service cloud storage Cloud Vodafone has a locking system, location and mobile data erased remotely, so we can protect our information in case of theft or loss of the mobile.

We can also acquire service virus protection and for 1.5 euros per month.

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Vodafone Cloud, security and cloud storage
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October 18, 2012

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