Vodafone MTV and bet on ‘Gamers’, a docu-reality eSports players

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eSports? Yes, video games as a spectator sport, with torneos professional players and teams trained and prepared as if they were to dispute the Olympic Games. That is the new commitment of MTV and Vodafone, who have come together to create ‘ Gamers ‘. This is a weekly program of 13 half-hour episodes that will follow the daily life of a professional team of eSports

In this case, it is G2. | Vodafone, specializing in ‘League of Legends’, which is played in teams of five against five, and viewers can start watching your workouts in a house mounted as High Performance Centre on Thursday 28 , to 22:00. ‘Gamers’ will be presented by Mariam Hernandez and visits also show different guests that will help players improve both their personal and professional lives.

A’ Great brother ‘of gamers?

the program concept seems to have as a reference’ Big brother ‘or’ Bloopers ‘, so that the five team members live in a house preparing to improve, in this case, in its domain ‘League of Legends’, but ‘Gamers’ is a bit different. Although viewers will see how everyday players, the Vodafone Gaming House will not be “live life”.

in the presentation of ‘Gamers’ to the media, responsible for Vodafone have emphasized is that is a format for all public and which had not, so far, nothing like it in the world related to eSports. Participants in the program have not been elected in a casting , but for their professional projection eSports. His captain, Carlos Rodriguez, ‘ Ocelot’, was gamer professional for nine years and has now 16 teams competition.

‘Gamers’ is a little out of the current offer of MTV for this center in professional video game and will try to exploit the three million people watching at least one hour daily games in Spain, either through Twitch or streaming through YouTube. The final of the world championships ‘League of Legends’ last year had 27 million viewers, just below, at sporting events, the Super Bowl.

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Vodafone MTV and bet on ‘Gamers’, a docu-reality eSports players
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April 15, 2016

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