Vs. DC Multiverse Marvel Universe what is the best TV strategy?

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Tonight CBS broadcast ‘ World’s Finest ‘, the episode crossover the ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl ‘. A great event for all those who have spent years being fans of superheroes, regardless of publisher. More than anything because this episode would be the “transfer” large-scale DC multiverse concept being explored in this second season of the series sprinter.

So in the episode of ‘Supergirl’ see how Barry Allen is mysteriously transported to National city as a result of some events we see in the corresponding episode of ‘the Flash’ (CW airs tomorrow) and will find that the city is protected by Kara Danvers. While Marvel Studios strives with all film and television (real image) occurs in a consistent DC Entertainment universe opts for a multiverse.

Blame it on the comics

Superman Batman

the name of the chapter, ‘World’s Finest’ is the title of the legendary head of DC where they met several of his superhero adventures first separately and then in the form of crosses. Somehow or another both Marvel and DC have always been aware of what is striking is put together characters and was in fact the first (then Timely), the first started playing with the concept shared a story of the Human Torch (Android) and Namor universe.

in DC also began to play with it and so did the JSA and sporadic crossings between various superheroes to reach at the dawn of the age of silver, to create the Justice League of America . with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter

After World War superheroes lost popularity and there were even mythical titles that were canceled and “rethought” ( ‘Captain America’, for example). But around 1958 Julius Schwartz and Carmine Infantino in DC and in 1961, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Marvel gambled everything relaunch

The Legacy. Germ DC multiverse

The Flash Worlds

the fault of the DC multiverse has the concept of” legacy “. In the Silver Age of Marvel superheroes just he had a great back catalog but DC itself and that it wanted to use . In the offices of DC they created new Green Lantern, Flash again … and it was in a comic latter in which Barry Allen was with Jay Garrick, his predecessor. Thus arose Earth 2 inhabited DC superheroes created in the 40s, as well as those elements of Batman, Superman and company had been “retconeados” over time.

So while in DC tonteaban with the concept of the multiverse, in Marvel worried about creating a coherent universe in which 90% of his characters lived in a New York very similar to the real world. At any time Iron Man could reach the building to Baxter Herbie I told that the Fantastic 4 had just travel to the Negative Zone (and could read the number of the month in the series).

Now, although the series remain in the same world, they are much more independent (sometimes incoherently). I always like to comment on the time of Jim Shooter (early / mid eighties) in which everything seemed to be happening at once in a consistent manner. As an example I like to use the comic that ‘Mighty Thor’ in a snowstorm in the middle of July broke out. You read ‘Amazing Spider-man’ and you were with Peter Parker swinging avoiding the snow.

Arrowverso, Multiverse and Universe Kinematic

 Supergirl Superman Flash Crossover

the philosophy of Marvel and DC regarding” space-time continuum “of their respective universe and multiverse has been transferred to the screen . Marvel Studios strategy is that everything that comes out of them set in the same world: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is also the Foxverso (mutants) which is outside its control, and the corresponding animated series, which is run by a different department.

This always leads to debate “ why serves ‘Agents of SHIELD’ being ‘the Avengers’? “or having to put transverse frames, which if executed wrong can be a disaster. What do seem to be doing more referentially is the relationship between ‘s.h.i.e.l.d.’ and ‘Daredevil’ / ‘Jessica Jones’. In the part of Netflix are being smarter when integrating them in the same universe

The strategy of DC Entertainment is more restrained. First, separate film and television (annoyingly, give my geek inside); second, each series is independent and its relationship with others is at the discretion of the executive producers. This is where comes the “Arrowverso” of Berlanti , we could say is the central part of the Multiverse Kinematic DC television.

The Arrowverso contains a ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash ” Legends of Tomorrow ‘and recently has “absorbed” Constantine. Then on his part would ‘Gotham’ and ‘Supergirl’. In the Arrowverso Berlanti and company are making the same “mistakes” Marvel when planning their crosses . Heroes Star (ling) City and Central City are so related that is too common to find one in the series of others and the episodes “crossover” cause rejection of those who are not used to this very own strategy comics .

Flash Berlanti Supergirl

As Zack Snyder told tenor of the criticism of ‘Batman v Superman'” We make movies for the fans. ” Both Marvel and DC worry about creating relationships between its various television series is a work designed exclusively for the fandom … and in this sense there seems to be better than the other strategy.

inside My fan loves the Marvel universe as it is intended, so that your cinematic representation applies to me . On the other hand seems to me objectively more successful strategy to mount DC multiverse and cash them relating to the extent possible. That “no ties you” when creating stories to save the universe.

I have my most and least as much with my Arrowverso as Marvel Cinematic Universe with. But usually, when displayed demure when referencing other productions, is a great pleasure to be a amateur seriéfilo the comic superhero.

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Vs. DC Multiverse Marvel Universe what is the best TV strategy?
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March 28, 2016

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