Vuzix Smart Glasses M100, augmented reality glasses Google rivals come in summer

In the information age, the connections or the post-PC era, as we like to call it, we can find innovative devices such as augmented reality glasses that taught us in the last Google I / O. The problem is that these things are usually green when present and, as we mentioned recently, still have much time so we can see someone with Glass by Google Street. But Google is not only feeds the Geek and so at CES 2013 Vuzix submitted the competitor, more mature and with a somewhat different approach: M100 Plug.

The first thing I beg your pardon ineptitude when giving a name to a device like this that without glasses, they are, and not be a smartophone, could be more like this that glasses … going to be a mess, excuse me, gentlemen. Following that matters, these “glasses” are M100 a different approach to augmented reality, more than an evolution of Google Project Glass. As the bug (which word as handy) Google is sold as a device independite, or almost, the smartphone and we should be able to control with our voice and little else; the Vuzix M100 are intended as a supplement the smartphone, more style Sony Smart Watch.

Leaving aside some comparisons, the M100 we let you receive notifications and control almost any application we have on our smartphone. Mounts a OMAP4430 processor at 1GHz, with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD), all running with Android ICS 4.0 “fully optimized”. Too bad (if not worse) that will hit the market with a version for over a year, but the excuse customization and optimization required for these devices seems reasonably robust to the house did not burn them, at least without seeing the final performance.

While no video or still images of the vision real through the gadget we imagine that 2000 nits brightness and resolution of 480 × 800, the display is perfect, remember we are talking about a “screen” of less than 3 cm diagonal. According to the source, the M100 can Vuzix completely controlled by smartphone or using the buttons themselves (available in April, all physicists) but the best experience combining both possibilities optendremos.

As we said at the beginning, the focus of their M100 Vuzix is more create a supplement that a replacement smartphone, to be seen to what extent it is useful to get one thing hanging near the eye to receive notifications of smartphone and consult 4 stuff. In this sense, besides the “less than $ 500” wishing charge seem excessive and find more easily justifiable (not best) $ 1,500 for a complete device (Google’s proposal). With all this the Vuzix M100 have a major bonus, and their time to market is designed for summer, while Google … well, let’s leave that for Summer no.

case you want more details of operation, leave a video of the companions of The Verge, which is always easier to see and hear that read:
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Vuzix Smart Glasses M100, augmented reality glasses Google rivals come in summer

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