Want a new mobile or sell yours? Try Sellfun, the mobile Wallapop


If this Christmas you have given a mobile or tablet, you may not know very well what to do with your old terminal . If recycle, give it to a relative or friend or just keep it in a drawer because maybe you need it later to find out ten years later dusty and think “Wow, then no, I did not need it” (the latter is my favorite ).

One of the options You economically comes more profitable is to sell , and if it is a high-end phone that is well preserved, can win back some good money. As always, you can choose to tell your friends in person or on social networks that sell your phone, but the scope is less than if you put it on sale in a specialized service.

Some people do not hesitate to put it into pages as well known as eBay or Segundamano, but these days more simplified and based on the geolocation as Wallapop services are more the order of the day. It’s easy, fast and in buying and selling in your area, you save postage and surprises. Sellfun is a new service that offers essentially as Wallapop, but focused solely on phones and tablets


Bargains around and Filters

The main window shows a list Sellfun cards as Wallapop, with a picture of each device and its price. However, if the location is everything to you, you can also explore the hotel directly on the map .

Of course, see the offers on a map does not justify trying a new application, it’s very funny name (sellfun, a pun that mixes “sell fun” with cellphone ). No, the determining factor here is obviously specializing in mobile and tablets, materialized in the Filters .

filters & Map

The deals are categorized in Sellfun Android, tablets, iPhone, iPad and accessories . Input does not seem too specific (although Wallapop as finite you can is “technology”), but from the complete filters lists where you can make a more complete search.

You can filter the results by distance, price, and if you’re not sure what your are looking for more technical data as the RAM, the size of the screen or the state in which they are (new, used …)

Advanced Filters

Moreover, except for minor differences here and there, Sellfun works like Wallapop. If you see something you like, you get in touch with the seller to complete the transaction on your own.

Their success or not depends on if you manage to catch users on their networks and promoted as the reference of sale of phones and tablets between individuals. In this regard, the Spanish application already has experience in the field, they are the same developers behind Bkie , another” Wallapop “specialized, but in this case bicycles.

Sellfun: Smartphones and tablets

Sellfun: Smartphones and tablets 1.0.0

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Want a new mobile or sell yours? Try Sellfun, the mobile Wallapop
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January 9, 2016

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