Want material design on your Android? These launchers are right for you

Do you want Material Design on your Android? These launchers are right for you

If you’re looking tidy up your smartphone with the aesthetic material design, check out this list of the best launchers Android and comply perfectly with the design guidelines proposed by Google applications.

Introduced in the Google IO 2014 Material Design was a revolution within the Android ecosystem, raising the aesthetic Google mobile ecosystem to be ugly and with little cohesion to a nicer visual interfaces available nicer. However, the terrible policy updates in Android has probably caused you did not reach Android 5.0 Lollipop or better yet, fix it and we leave the list with the launchers Android that have the best aesthetic material design . Let’s start.

Nova Launcher


We started strong, for which is, in my opinion, the undisputed king both launchers and take material design aesthetics. Nova Launcher was not the first to adopt it, but after only two minor updates in version 4.0, has a stability, speed and enviable fluency. Furthermore, it is fully customizable to correct those aspects of Design Material that may not like us, but this is entirely optional. Nova Launcher is free, but with many features that can only capadas use disbursing 5.35€, a high price due to the economic improvement of the dollar (previously cost € 2.99). If you decide to disburse that money, it will be one of the best decisions you make: to Nova you can not go wrong, that simple

Apex Launcher

 Apex Launcher

The only problem I ever had Apex Launcher since its inception is having to compete with Nova Launcher. Otherwise, they are practically brothers from different mothers. With an aesthetic material design that took a while to take (it came with just a few days to end 2014), its customization options are similar to its main competitor, and the differences in performance and fluidity are virtually imperceptible, causing many (absurd) Reddit forums and discussions about which is better. Instead of joining this bad habit, you can download Apex Launcher free and, if you like, buy the Pro version by € 4.39 , a price high but again justified.

Action Launcher 3

 Applications Material Design

The good launchers and Action Launcher 3 are additions that developers manage to improve and facilitate Android. In the case of this launcher, as well as incorporating an aesthetic material design more than competent, has a Quickdrawer that lets you virtually instant access to your applications as a similar to Windows Phone list. If you are thinking of downloading, use the following link to download it free, because you can confuse it with version 2 without material design and outdated. Action Launcher three dwarfs when compared with giants like Apex or Nova, but holding up so solvent.

Google Now Launcher

On this list could not missing the launcher of the company that started the whole movement Material Design: Google . Google Now Launcher ever stand out as the launcher with the highest level of customization, but it is very fast and stable, and its hallmark is the quick and easy access to Google Now, the powerful search application Proactive North American search engine, simply swipe left. Of course, as all Google applications, Google Now Launcher is free without any additional cost, but it is quite heavy and available from Android 4.1.

L Launcher

L Launcher

At first considered a L Launcher with launcher but he took advantage of the change of Android version to take a virtually exclusive to this kind of aesthetic version. However, time has proven him right to its developer, with over 1 million downloads in a very competitive market area. With an impressive and comparable to the mythical and gone lightness LauncherPro, L Launcher also it incorporates similar additions to the Action Launcher as Quickdrawer. Furthermore, it is a free version Pro worth € 3.09 , a price significantly lower than the competition, so many you can give them the workaround without spending much on software.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are other Android launchers as Epic Launcher , Lollipop Launcher or Blinqu Lollipop Launcher and many more but frankly, when you choose one, the best choice is one of the above. Whatever, you will enjoy an aesthetic material Full Design and excellent performance. Now you only have to choose.


Want material design on your Android? These launchers are right for you
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August 8, 2015

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