War of batteries: LG, Samsung, Apple, HTC, Motorola, Sony …

 If everything were recently discussing to see who has it largest (the screen), as left countless devices with screens of four or more inches, changed third to fight for the memories . As was standardized, we turn to something else and there, to something else. Surely tomorrow, we will discuss another aspect that highlights brand over another . But at every stage of the “my terminal has more than yours”, there has always been a factor that has not gone out of fashion. One that remains constant despite the technology advances and progresses steadily battery .

It is true that there are companies that will pass through the lining battery (figuratively). They do not care to put a low amperage battery performance but the vent phone in no time. I do not care if we have to spend twice plug to get the phone to stop all day. Although usually average about fifteen hours, not all reach the media . Remember that not all are well polished stock ROMs …

In contrast, there are manufacturers who have realized the problem, and although they have made a huge effort, it does have improved markedly not only amperage batteries riding their terminals, but also the use they make of it. As we terminals more efficient and longer battery life .

LG Optimus G vs Samsung Galaxy S III

From LG comes a comparative pretty good on battery consumption who exercise these two terminals. The Optimus G and S III mount paths 2100mAh batteries , so that may have differences are based on consumption terminals that make this .

The study was based on both devices to make calls and play videos . According to LG, they win in all aspects. The results offer us some negligible data for which terminal is hesitant about what to buy. The LG Optimus G lasted 15’8h consecutive hours on call off the Galaxy S III 9.5 . In addition, the LG endured 3’8 hours video recording and 7.9 hours playing , while the Galaxy S III video recorded during 2.8 hours and played for 7’3 hours .

data are quite enlightening, since the Galaxy S III consumes more battery than the Optimus G . Since LG is reported that the two phones screens were placed at 50% light and both were under similar conditions as a network. This study also made in real time in front of journalists at an event.

LG has made it clear that this is not an attack Samsung . Just want to show what your terminal hold against a direct competitor.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 5

From Wich? say flagship Samsung has better battery management that the famous iPhone 5 from Apple. I do not know if anyone here know Wich? , but one of the most reliable sources regarding test of such concerns. Not only are experienced people in the matter, but studies often do usually almost ideal conditions . That means that no external factor affecting the batteries except they put as a conditioning element.

In this case, based on the Internet browsing . The Korean device takes the gold, since the iPhone is relegated many posts below phones like the Xperia S , the HTC ONE X or even the iPhone 4S . Funny how a new terminal does not improve a feature like this, leaving a total of 200 minutes (3h 20 ‘) versus 359 minutes (about 6h) the Galaxy S III . No wonder that some users have been impressed with this test.

Still, Motorola sent

If a manufacturer we have to emphasize this aspect, no crime would Motorola talk . Recall how impressed we left RAZR MAXX battery with 3300mAh . Our partner could not spend as much as wanted . And that lacked ideas …

Do not understand how the other manufacturers do not bet by battery as did Motorola . One of the biggest attractions that could have a smartphone right now is not having to be increasingly tiny plugging it to charge your battery. Still miss those phones that we loaded every two days, tops. Or those phones that lasted a week. No doubt paid a high cost for minicomputers have in our hands . And it seems that almost any manufacturer is willing to enjoy a battery in conditions .

Source1: Korea Herald

source2: Wich?

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War of batteries: LG, Samsung, Apple, HTC, Motorola, Sony …
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October 17, 2012

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