watchOS 5 Beta 2 includes the application Walkie-Talkie

In the beta 2 version of watchOS 5 the application Walkie-Talkie is already available and it is functional. The application allows you to view the contacts and choose the person that we want to connect. The person receiving the message will hear a jeep on your Apple Watch, you can see in the screen who is the message and must approve the connection.

once the connection is established, you only need to press and hold the button to speak to communicate. Communications test seem to be clear and sharp, with very good quality audio.

It can maintain multiple conversations Walkie-Talkie at the same time, with each conversation in the list of the application. To be able to mute a conversation, you can access the interface and move the icon “Available”. In the mode of “Unavailable” if someone tries to talk to you will receive a message that you are not available, and you will receive a notification.

The application Walkie-Talkie for now is limitad to developers participating in the beta program and will be presented to the general public in the coming months.


watchOS 5 Beta 2 includes the application Walkie-Talkie
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July 1, 2018

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