Waze is updated search focusing on revealing the influence of Google


Waze is a GPS application for Android characterized by its social , ie not limited to indicate on the map the route and destination, but its more than 50 million users interact in real time on the maps and report if there have been accidents at some stage, what petrol is cheaper, if police checks or if a street is under construction . So we have all that information in the map, varying our way if necessary.

As you recall, Google, king of the maps , Waze noticed and bought for about 1.1 billion dollars, but of course, not to close the company, but to keep the application but using all your data and feeding each other . So Waze , as an independent app, announced one of the first major upgrades which make clear the influence has had on her purchase part of Google , incorporating great innovations in the new version.


In First established Google Search as default provider search , who better to get fast and accurate results for queries about directions or businesses, although the possibility remains change by search engine Bing, Foursquare and Yelp . In addition, the search bar now stands fully in sight and centered , for quick access to it, but will automatically disappear and only need to tap on the map to return to appear.

Continuing improvements in search, has added autocompletion in the results but not for all users, this feature will spread to everyone in the coming weeks. Moreover, it has been retouched entire interface, making it more clean and soft , warnings items appear according to their proximity to the user and if there are incidents duplicates are grouped into one icon to avoid leaning experience. Of course, is optimized, corrected errors and added device support HD resolution.

Gradually Google is taking advantage of his great buy and if we saw as recently added to, now it has fallen to Waze take advantage of what it means to be part of Google. Together they are able to create and enhance great maps and GPS applications, demonstrating with each update, and the best is that the beneficiaries we, the users, and Android.

You already have this update available in Play, of course, free and compatible with devices from Android 2.2.

Application on Google Play

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Waze is updated search focusing on revealing the influence of Google
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August 29, 2013

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