We can already play the Devil original in our browser

This is the project Devilution, from the hand of a group of programmers, and the group of modders Rivsoft; it offers the experience of the first Diablo.

The jewel of 1996 also known as Devil has returned from the underworld, and now we can run in our web browsers. The project comes thanks to a few programmers, who were in charge of do a little engineering with the source code.

The return of Devil

The effort to rebuild the source code of Devil began last year, with a project baptized as Devilution, led by the programmer GalaXyHaXz.

“in order to ensure that everything is retained, Devilution keeps everything as it was originally designed,” writes the team at Github. “This includes the errors and the code is poorly written in the original game. With that, it serves as a base for developers to work, what makes it a lot easier than before to update, fix and porting the game to other platforms“.

“DevilutioN keeps everything as it was originally designed”

once the code was ready, the group of modders called Rivsoft made that the game could be run in a web browser accessing just in this link. Here players can find a link to download the source code of the group Devilution, which you can then drag and drop on the screen to start playing in the browser. It is part of the game that you could play without having the CD inserted, and includes the first two parts of the dungeon as a warrior class.

in Addition, if you have a copy of Devil, you can drag and drop the file DIABDAT.MPQ from the installed folder of the game to start playing that version in the browser.

we can Already play the Devil original in our browser

We can already play the Devil original in our browser
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August 1, 2019

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