We can now turn off double check blue WhatsApp officially

 whatsapp blue double check Ya can disable double check blue WhatsApp officially

WhatsApp and will disable controversial blue.

A few days ago it was learned that WhatsApp was preparing an update to allow disable this feature that has generated considerable controversy among users. The news today is that the new beta version of WhatsApp for Android and allows officially off blue double check.

Being a beta version, not yet in the Google Play Store, however, interested in trying it before it’s released the update may APK download the beta directly from the website of WhatsApp.

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Obviously warnings as always is that it is a beta, the application could have a failure, at least in the functions that are experiencing.

disable Double check azul1 can now turn blue double check WhatsApp officially

To disable double check blue, then install WhatsApp Beta (end the link to download), just have to open the application and access Settings & gt; Info Account & gt; Privacy , we will find the option to disable “Read Receipts”. That says enough for WhatsApp does not notify anyone with double check every time we read a message.

For now double check blue one is disabled in individual chats, ie groups will continue notifying read messages.

Download WhatsApp Beta for Android

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We can now turn off double check blue WhatsApp officially
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