We explain how to really work cards eSIM

We explain how to really work cards eSIM

They will change how we interact with our smartphones, tablets and smartwatches … but our car, washing machine, refrigerator, oven, light bulbs, thermostats, etc.

The eSIM, or virtual SIM card, or programmable SIM cards. The call as we call them, are the future. But even if it is intuitive that eliminate the physical SIM card has many advantages, few have considered how we will do things.

Used to our smaller every few years, piece of cardboard, we’ll have to retrain and discover a new world of connection profiles, of ways to get free, how to sign new contracts associated with these new SIM, and how to certify that it is we, and not evil hacker, . from the other part of the world we switch the connection to a malicious

the SIM does not disappear: only done dwarf

a right one of the microchip to replace those that incorporate current SIM.

On the right, one of the microchip to replace those that incorporate the current SIM.

Although many do not know, SIM cards are not simple pieces of cardboard with an ID chip, also have a rudimentary processor capable of performing tasks simple. All this ecosystem there could have been reduced for years, but the convenience of having an interchangeable physical presence was too attractive to change it.

The new eSIM become part of a microchip , for example MFF2 , located next to the modem device . This chip will be responsible for managing all identifications so far as they did traditional SIM.

Does this mean that if I have a smartphone with traditional SIM, will not be able to use the advantages of eSIM? You will be able also to use, operators and manufacturers can reschedule, at your request, your traditional SIM to give other parameters. Similar to how some manufacturers like Apple, operate with “white SIM” to suit operator data you play.

How to contract a line to my smartphone, smartwatch or my washer?


Apple, Google and others will want to store our connection profiles for us.

If you buy a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch via an operator, for example, in the store could do the configuration. But if you buy on your own, it will also be easy. Operators will available applications and websites where you can manage your devices. You can add your smartwatch same number of SIM, or hire a new plan for your tablet, disenroll, duplicate, etc. You will not need necessarily go to the shops.

Also be operational and systems manufacturers that add this support, or are already present. When we start first smartphone that has eSIM, we can see a menu of options available if the manufacturer so desires, and in the same way: hire a line from there, or install our current

. instead of SIM cards interchangeable, we profiles . These profiles will be those able to move between terminals, or be present on multiple devices at a time if the operator allows your plan. The operating systems themselves also allow you to quickly switch between profiles in the same way now change a SIM for another, or manage several at once in the same way we now have support for double or triple SIM. Although this last point will have an initial hits, we will need many “chips” eSIM in the smartphone, such as profiles want to have active simultaneously. As you move the protocols and technology evolve, a single chip will be able to maintain multiple profiles at once, but for now will not be the case.

In the case of without display devices can not operate easily through menus as a sports bracelet which has no screen-or washer which can not carry the tent, the function can be done simply through the web portals or applications each operator or device manufacturer. Entering an identification code called eID, unique for each device through NFC, bluetooth, scanning a barcode or QR and following the simple steps in the software it. Our device will soon receive your new profile of the operator and operate normally, like we changed the SIM physically.

And at the regulatory level?

remains to be seen what role will the various committees and government agencies in this regard. Relax or maybe better target some regulations, but almost certainly, things like keeping each SIM, virtual or not assigned to a specific person identified officially still stands. Thanks to the action of what is called “provisioning profile”, a master connection that allows the SIM to connect to the Internet to be open to new instructions to comply with portability.

what operators want to really open the market so that no one can act toll required for the sector , is a developer like Apple or Google, or that every hardware manufacturer has an implementation different. And finally, with these small changes, what we get is that customers, suppliers and operators to interact with other nearly frictionless one increasing competition and lowering prices and times. Something , we can all agree, it’s great.

Okay, but when

Although there will eSIM devices running soon, as they do in some countries, are all concrete solutions. Telephone for example, working with Samsung will release in Germany in April, the 3G version of the Gear S2 Korean, but the first standard will be completed by the end of the year, and a second phase of expansion will be implemented during 2017, to extend the other devices called “Internet of things”.

Setting Up Gear S2 3G with Telefonica

Thanks to Telefónica, we have seen in-situ how to configure one card from a eSIM Gear Galaxy S2 3G, where Samsung and Telefonica have worked together to make it available in Germany soon. Other terminals and operators will have a similar process concept in the future, but may differ in being implemented at the operating system or made directly from the watch.

Step 1. we hired a data plan, or add it to our plan from the panel or application Telefonica Telefonica.

We set esim enter code

Step 2. received in this case a code QR by WhatsApp to our terminal, but could also be by other methods such as email or a link to an image in your browser as well as a bluetooth or NFC transmission.

set esim add code

Step 3. A Samsung Gear through the application, we transmit the profile Gear S2 3G

set esim spend profile

Step 4. watch receives the new profile, and when we asked for the PIN reset

set esim enter pin

Step 5. Done because we can operate freely.

 set esim ready


We explain how to really work cards eSIM
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February 23, 2016

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