We offer our Top 10 best characters in Blizzard

A special Vandal TV.
Today Vandal TV we bring you a new and entertaining videoreportaje in which we review, coinciding with the release of Overwatch , the top ten characters ever designed and presented by Blizzard in its many games.
Thus, we look for some of the heroes Starcraft II Kyle Blackthorne , through Deckard Cain Diablo . In fact, the proper Diablo , the great villain of action games and role Blizzard also has a particular gap in our list, next to Tracer recent Overwatch . Find out more in our video and discussion in the comments what your heroes, heroines and villains preferred are of this iconic company.
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We offer our top 10 best characters from Blizzard

We offer our Top 10 best characters in Blizzard
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May 24, 2016

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