“We produce content in Spanish for Spain” video interview Ted Sarandos (Netflix)

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Yes, we all know as Netflix has come at last, a Spain , but the start of service is not the end of the journey for the company, which this week also started in Italy . Landing in Spain is part of a global expansion strategy that began even before Netflix began to produce his own series in 2012.

Ted Sarandos , head of content Netflix, attended the presentation of the platform in Spain and together with our fellow Engadget , we spoke with him about his original series, how will the evolution of the catalog in our country and plans to continue producing new titles.

The importance of content

Sarandos expressed that to Netflix, the content It’s very important. With the growing of internet television implementation, and reaching high technical quality, the challenge is to offer content with high (artistic and technical) level. Thus, Netflix began producing original series and, of them, Sarandos says that this year, the host of ‘Narcos‘ has been what has surprised you .

“It is 75% in Spanish, is a Brazilian director and a Brazilian star, we shot everything in Colombia, has a predominantly Latin American division and is very popular throughout the world, in France, in Germany, of course, in Brazil, and also in the United States, where foreign language programs usually do not work well. “

The good reception Netflix makes it look reaffirmed in its strategy opened a new season of a series every two weeks. currently has 22 seasons in production , and this will rise to more than 30 next year. But Sarandos notes that “we have managed to maintain the quality and still make lots of it. And that’s because programming has been mixed. Comedies, dramas, children, action, science fiction, try to have something for everyone.”

In this commitment to original content, Netflix also looking for local talent to produce series of countries in which it operates. In Italy they have started with ‘Suburra‘ Mexico and recently produced ‘ Ravens Club ‘. Sarandos notes that “the objective of the original local production is better connect locally, using local talent for it, local histories … The great benefit of this is that we can offer a global platform for local creators.” Even suggests that if Carlos Vermouth, director of ‘Magical girl ‘ wants to do television, I would welcome them happy.

Who are the series?


Netflix commitment to original and own content and to this end, it is beginning to also be the producer of the series, dedicated not only to buy them from a study. “The rights are sold country to country. Once the rights are sold … if we buy the rights to a series, the series is our every season that lasts until they stop doing it. And then there is another window it belongs to other people, “Sarandos explained, adding that:

” If you buy the rights in Spain of ‘House of Cards’, you have the first window of’ House of Cards ‘until they stop doing it. The producers of the series retain the rights to previous seasons and can sell. What we do with our original series is to buy all those windows may be able to always have them on Netflix. That’s attractive to us Being our own studio. “

In the interview he talks about many more, including how to analyze viewing data users to develop new titles or strategy when other chains rescue canceled or completed quite some time series, such as’ Las Gilmore Girls. ” Sarandos explained by saying that these titles are retrieved not only because their previous seasons worked, but because “there were also more creative stories to tell. Some series simply end. The story is over. ‘ Longmire ‘ is a series has many more seasons ahead, I think. With ‘The Killing’ was a chance to finish the story had begun. De ‘ Arrested Development ‘ I think it will be many more seasons. And People love to “Gilmore Girls.” I wish I could talk more about it but it is still a rumor for now. “

Tele Go! | Netflix Spain comes in emphasizing its commitment to the original content

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“We produce content in Spanish for Spain” video interview Ted Sarandos (Netflix)
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October 22, 2015

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