We speak with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, who do I have to understand better?

We speak with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, who do I have to understand better?Attendees of voice have revolutionized homes all over the world. During the past year, speakers smart have been one of the gifts star, and a purchase is almost indispensable for lovers of technology. already hold the number one spot of the apparatus of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) in our homes. Such is the success of the wizards, according to Comscore, searches and messages by voice will represent 50% of the total in 2020.In 2011, Applepresented iOS 5 for iPhoneand iPadwith a functionality that is very special: Siri, the first virtual assistant modern and almost a member of the family of many today. Since then, the market of the wizards voice has grown a lot and the most important are AlexaAmazon(2014) and Google Assistant Google (2016) -although we have other, less popular, as Cortana from Microsoft(2014) or Bixby of Samsung(2017)-.In general, they all allow efforts as a basic set a reminder, an alarm, the timer, or a calendar appointment, giving information about the weatheror take you to Google to find an answer. Also use the calculator, we know of traffic , and recommend you when to leave and what route to take to get to a meeting. Make calls or video calls, and send and read messages -via SMSor WhatsApp- and even suggest to send a message if you’re in a jam just to tell you that you’re too late.Also help you with the house: you control your home automation systems and smart devices, open the garage, removed the alarm, turn on the lights and the heating when you’re coming from work… Control security cameras, electrical outlets or power strips smart appliances in your home -like a robot vacuum cleaner, a ‘smart tv’ or a refrigerator smart- and the thermostat and the air conditioning. All this not only feeds your comfort and you a pound of some other task, but that also means a saving energy you will notice your pockets.Finally, connect with apps music and entertainment (such as Spotifyor Netflix) to bring you your favorite content. Ie: are your mayordomo virtual willing to fulfill all your desires and make your life easier. Even you can travel the world for your personal interpreter.At the time of speaking with the beautiful ladies, the important is not only how they are -also-, but through what apparatus you. To choose your virtual assistant is essential to make sure that it is compatible with the devices you already have. And if you’re not, the proposed native of these wizards are Amazon Echo and Google Home and its different versions and HomePod Apple.Amazon has a large ecosystem of devices Echo that can spread throughout the home, with clocks, displays as the Echo Spot, speakers such as the Amazon Echo Plus or Echo Dot or with the Echo Input to convert any regular speaker at smart.In regards to Google, you can opt for a Google Home, the most complete model -without a screen – which you’ll find in your catalog; by Google Home Mini, your simple alternative; or by Google Nest Hub, its version with touch screen.But with Siri Apple we can only speak through the HomePod, rather like the Echo Plus and the Google Home because of its size and appearance.If we compare these three to -Amazon Echo Plus, Google Home and HomePod – for being the most similar, we found that the Amazon and Google are more alike and the Apple, although his assistant is the oldest it has been a little back with respect to connectivity.Primarily the HomePod has two barriers: on the one hand, as always happens with this brand, to be an Apple product, if you don’t have an iPhone or an iPad, you will not be able to use all of its features. And, on the other, is the heaviest of the three with 2.5 kg compared to the 780 grams of the Amazon Echo Plus or 477 grams of the Google Home. Though this should be their 7-tweeters, and subwoofer and 200 mm, which makes it win by a landslide in quality of sound.Amazon Echo Plus and Google Home are compatible with both mobile Androidas iOS, and many apps -with best results in the case of Google-. Also with a large part of the brands that manufacture smart appliances, while Amazon, in part because of its antiquity – it is available to more firms, and appliances. If you are a user of Chromecast or you use typically the tools from the Suite of Google -as YouTubeor Calendar – your device will be Google Home.The Echo Plus comes with seven microphones to isolate our voice and two speakers, one of them designed to reinforce the bass. This gives great sound power and the ability known better. That is to say, in regard to the sound hardware, Amazon wins Google Home both in emission and in reception. However, given this power, one of its weak points is that consumes quite a bit of energy.The speaker of Google Assistant, for his part, wins in usability: you have a touch surface on which you can manually adjust the volume and a physical button to turn off the voice recognition. you will Know whether you are listening to because it is activated a LED lights if it is running.in Addition, the time to “talk” with your assistant, Google Assistant is the one who best understands us – will have to see the fact of belonging to a company founded on a search engine?-. So what has been found a research team from Voicebot.ai that has made it to 4,000 questions to Alexa, Assistant, Siri, and Bixby. Google Assistant in its version for the smartphoneshas responded correctly to 92% of the consultations, and a speaker to 81%. Alexa answered correctly in 34% of the questions, Bixby in 32%, and Siri is only on 28%.Finally, if we are going to the price, Google Home is the most economical choice, costing around 80 euros. The device for Alexa goes up to about 110 euros and, in the line of Apple as a seller of high-end, if we want to talk to Siri, it will cost us a whopping 329 euros.And if you do not like any of these marks, other firms such as LG, Lenovo, Sonyor Harman Kardon are also among their products speakers smart implemented with Google Assistant, while with Huaweiand Bose speak with Alexa. Others, such as Sonos, they serve to both assistants.

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