We spoke to Harry Fisch, Spanish photographer contest winner finally disqualified National Geographic

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A few weeks ago I could match Harry Fisch at the opening of my exhibition. By then, it was before the first Spanish had just won the first prize for the best photo of the year 2012 from the prestigious National Geographic under category ” Places “. But the award came as soon as vanished; since photography inflicted one of the rules of the competition, “having removed an object from the original take on the issue.”

This year the competition involved more than 22,000 professional and amateur photographs of 150 countries worldwide and the winner received $ 10,000 in addition to the global publication Photo winner, so no doubt was a great achievement for Spanish photography , and more specifically for the photographer, have won this award.

National Geographic National Geographic website announcing the winning photo

Harry Fisch is a professional photographer specializing in travel photography. His dedication to the discipline comes from his 15 years, but it was years later when his family travel to Asia you would have a new and different from the picture, and specifically about their current style of the mass.

Fisch, as I said, is a professional photographer, but today one of its main activities and work is Nomad Expeditions Photo , where aims to train and guide a group of people interested in photography, and the knowledge and discoveries elsewhere. Indeed, in one of these trips made in the area of ​​India, is where he made the controversial photograph.

Harry Fisch - National Geographic “Preparing the prayers in the Ganges” – Original
Harry Fisch - National Geographic “Preparing the prayers in the Ganges” – Retouched

Photography, named “Preparing the prayers in the Ganges” , was held in Gaht So, Varanasi, on the banks of the river Ganges. The photograph depicts the run from a group of pilgrims to enter the Ganges for ritual baths, very early in the morning. So far as normal as could be spectacular, but the inclusion of a plastic bag (which you can see in the original photo) Henry thought he could make that decision to remove grandeur, so the eliminated Scene through post-production (without reframing).

The photograph was taken in the first place in the competition and later declared the winner (as you see in the image that Harry has given me ), but in the Photo Review was subsequently disqualified commented on this fact. The editor of National Geographic said the issue “had no impact on the picture” and that with a simple reframing photography was valid, but unfortunately inflicted rules.

National Geographic Email greeting as contest winner

“… it is unfortunate you did not crop out the bag or just leave it in, as it really had no impact either way. But digitally removing anything from a photo is in direct violation of the contest and we must follow our own rules .. “

I’ve spoken to Harry again and do some questions about this topic, and the odd note about your current work in Nomad Expeditions Photo:

Engadget PHOTO – First thank you very much to go to us and above all welcome

HARRY FISCH – Thanks to you.

– Nomad Within photographic expeditions perform several trips a year and so many photos. What was the process to know that you had to choose this photograph for presentation and not another? Any story that makes it special?

I do not usually show up to competitions. I think this is the third in my life. In fact I did this time “in extremis”. Photographs were four were presented one hour before the close of 2012 National Geographic contest. In terms of selection, in “Places” (places) are requested photographs that reflected the atmosphere of a place and in Benares, there is clearly the Ganges Ganges and the place that defines the relationship of faithful to the river, offerings, religious ceremonies. The balance of lights was magical, mingled with candlelit outdoor lighting in the upper right corner, while the fog blurred the horizon. The banks of the Ganges formed an almost perfect diagonal from corner to corner of the frame. It’s a classic photograph that clearly describes the atmosphere of the place, as requested by the National Geographic.

This apparently peaceful photograph was taken in the midst of an avalanche of pregrinos, at 5 1/4 in the morning, before sunrise. I stood in the middle, as I have done in the past, with the trípopde and camera balanced on mud bordering the river. The photo was taken “old”, ie, looking away from the camera, with a manual trigger. On these occasions the lack of light and causes trouble to find the right time shooting it more reasonable to do so.

Harry Fisch © Harry Fisch for Nomad Expeditions Photo

– Entering the most contentious issue … Were you aware to remove the bag could be inflicting the rules? Is it possible that the idea of ​​improving the reality that we could be a photograph lately influenced to kill?

I did not realize: If I had been … would have reframed the photo to edit! Reframing not violate any rules! I considered – as well has confirmed in writing the editor of National Geographic own – that removing the bag, at one end of the picture, did not alter the “essence” of the shot. It was my idea to change reality or remove or add an essential or accessory. It was a mere aesthetic nuisance tangent … Obviously, I was wrong from beginning to end. My only consolation is that the editor of National Geographic own opinion as me, but says “… you have to subject their own rules …”

– As a documentary photographer, what is your opinion about such rules in competitions?, do you consider that more than a photographer violates these rules?, and above all … you submit again?

The rules are to be met. Unfortunately not fit all cases and situations. I understand that in a contest in which they are presented, such as the National Geographic, 22,000 participants from 150 countries, you can not get into a discussion with each of them about what it can be put on or removed. No choice but to set a certain bar: “Can not add anything or remove digitamente”, but take the absurd, as in this case, a reframing in the same photograph is not considered infringement and cloned himself. Had I been on the jury, they acted as though he knew …. that the rule has not worked well in this case.

Some photographer friends affectionately have labeled me naive. Of course, in the future, I’ll read the rules carefully and do the things necessary to bordearlas not even.

As for introducing me to the National Geographic … At the moment I do not know. I asked specifically if the organization had any consequence disqualification and they told me that if I will be happy to introduce myself. The truth is that it is physically impossible to win the award twice National Geographic …

Harry Fisch © Harry Fisch for Nomad Expeditions Photo

– It is said that in Spain Photographic rivalry is nothing healthy how this story has caught the disqualification among your colleagues?

I’ve only received compliments and congratulations. If something earned the award and subsequent disqualification is to find the delicacy, attention and affection of those around me. More than one has hurt him more than me what happened!

– Psychology, the search time, make you part of what surrounds you … are a few features to consider within your style of photography, what other features are important to document with reality?

Well … The truth is that I do not consider myself a documentary of reality.
“My” is really particular, is to see it my way, especially beautician, a moment, a look that keep a relationship with a particular way of seeing a place, a culture.
In most cases attempt to make eye contact with the shooting, intense, close. I often wonder what I see without seeing. I’m not looking to “catch” anyone, nor enjoy the sitting. I do it with the recreation of an environment and try to tell a story in one frame. With the vision of filmmaker photographer. . For that reason use in most cases the wide angle. A 50 mm is my tele!
I do not know why, I enjoy physical closeness and personal relationship. I want to redirect the time and create a relationship that is finally reflected in a photograph.

Harry Fisch © Harry Fisch for Nomad Expeditions Photo

– And finally, could you give some advice to people who are passionate about this type of photography and still are starting or want to start?

If there is something essential, which takes a long time to master, is the pause, the calm observation: the time needed to see before photographing. Playing chess while you pursue a tiger.

I sincerely believe that good travel photographers conflict and develop the ability to maintain the vision, sometimes unconscious, and not be swayed by the desire to shoot left and right with the camera.
not about luck and see if “take” a picture. The photos are created and this is not done with the camera, but his head and heart.
In short, we must develop the technique just to forget about it and focus on what really matters: what is happening before you, the various factors (people, lights, things) are going to immortalize the image and focus on what you want to tell. I think this is the most difficult for a photographer.

– Thanks for everything Harry, and from Engadget Picture may hope you continue to delight us with more photographic work and new initiatives.

Many thanks to you, I continue Engadget Photo and was eager to find an opportunity to collaborate with your environment.

To thank Harry for providing all information illustrative article, as for trusting us to talk about a subject like this. Also if you want to get information on photographic expeditions do not hesitate to stop by the site Nomad Expeditions Photo .

We spoke to Harry Fisch, Spanish photographer contest winner finally disqualified National Geographic
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December 28, 2012

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