We tested Facebook Watch: this is how it works, the alternative to the Youtube social network

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is now available all over the world. This is the alternative Facebook to Youtube. That place where you see all the videos on the pages uploaded to the social network. The video has been getting a great popularity in the past few years, and Facebook wants to start to give it more relevance, and to organize the content. It is for this reason that earlier this year launched Facebook Watch in the USA. Now, after a testing time finally comes to Spain and the rest of places.

Here we give you our first impressions of Facebook Watch, a service that you can test on your mobile phone through the official application of Facebook, not from the mobile website.

For those who expect a big competitor of Youtube or Netflix, to tell you that surely have gone disappointed. It is a tool with much potential because of the huge amount of videos that are in Facebook, but time does not cease to be a tab where we will have sorted the videos that we saw earlier so dispersed.

yes, Facebook has signed agreements with companies of content as Vox Media or BuzzFeed, programs such as Science @ NASA” and National Geographic, as well as the relay games of the Baseball League of the USA, and even matches of The Spanish football League. Let’s see how it works.

Facebook Watch now available globally from your mobile

Facebook Watch Android

to be able To test Facebook Watch need of time to have the application for Facebook installed. From there, we will see a icon Watch on the main page. We can also access it from the menu in the top right corner and just below ‘Marketplace’, we will find the new option of ‘Watch’.

When you press on it will take us to a tab with a list of the pages that follow and multiple featured videos in function of our tastes. If you slide down we will watch them automatically, since here yes is active autoreproducción.

All the videos of your favorite pages

Your List

Facebook Watch is basically to be able to see easily the latest videos of the pages that we like. In the feed of Watch are listed first videos of the brands and pages that we like.

Another option we can take is to save to after a video. If you click on that option after what we have available in this section of the Watch. While the general feed just hiding the majority of old content, a Watch is more easy to follow videos that have been published and review the old ones.

A design adapted to both vertical and horizontal


While Instagram has recently set up a IGTV, Facebook Watch offers a different format. In this last tool we have videos with a more traditional style, normally horizontal and for a consumer not as fast as Instagram.

Many in the media have gone republicando your content on various social networks, adapting slightly to them. With Facebook Watch we can click on each page to see the videos, give me like and comment. Exactly the same as what we did before but now with an interface that is better adapted, and without the news feed down the middle.

Still a long way from Youtube

Xataka Facebook Watch

On Facebook you can find millions of videos and Watch we want to reward those pages that have dedicated resources to make content in original video. By the time 50 million users are already using this tool and it has managed to significantly increase the use of video in the social network, up to fourteen times more.

Another add-on function of videos is ‘Watch Parties’, a tool with which we can watch videos in a group in a synchronized manner. We will see to what extent Facebook can attract exclusive content, which in the end will make the difference in a market so saturated, and with so many options such as Youtube, IGTV, Netflix, HBO, Amazon video, or even the new service Disney. Analysts expect Facebook to invest between 1,000 and 2,000 million dollars in partnerships of content over the next year.

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We tested Facebook Watch: this is how it works, the alternative to the Youtube social network
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August 29, 2018

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