We tested Photoshop Camera, the new photography app that you can download

Test Photoshop Camera, the new photography app that you can already download

Speaking of photo-editing brings to head instantly to Photoshop, one of the editing programs most famous in the world. And not only in computers, that Photoshop has a multitude of mobile applications. is Publishers, apps, creative, design and a new application of filters with artificial intelligence that can already be tested as early access. Yes, time in format Apk.

we Knew Adobe was about to release Photoshop Camera, the new application with filters powered by AI, because it was the company that was in charge of making the announcement. The launch started with a closed beta which was accessed by invitation. And, as tends to happen in Android, already has leaked the Apk for anyone who wants to try it. It works, but still gives problems on some phones: what we found.

creative Filters thanks to the IA

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Applications of photography there are rabid, but they actually behave in a creative way not as many. Photoshop Camera is aimed, precisely, to the field since the app offers a multitude of tools with which to give a unique touch to the images. And the best thing is that the filters are previewed in real time, so that we always have to view how they are going to be the images.

once you have downloaded the app (remember, it is still an Apk in the tests), Adobe asks for the logon to use it. In principle it can be used with a free account Adobe (we have used the subscription to Creative Cloud). And the interface is a camera more or less easy: a shutter button, the viewfinder in real time, filters in the lower area (by clicking on the three stars) so as to exchange the views and a menu button from which you can download new lens. All possess a professional appearance and offer very good results.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera has a selection of filters that are applied with a single click.To others, the application detects faces, allowing different settings with a swipe to the left or right of the screen. is Pop Art, Spectrum, filters for food or portrait, different preset scenes and even double-exposure: the number of filters (lenses) available is very high. And will continue to expand since Adobe gives free rein to developers.

The lenses can be downloaded from the application and is applied to the photo in real time

The results obtained are of great quality, also extremely varied: it is worth to take a look. Works very well, although not in all phones: we have encountered closures forced during our tests (which is still in development is closed. If you want to download, you can do it from Apk Mirror. Is the app authentic and secure.

Via | XDA Developers

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We tested Photoshop Camera, the new photography app that you can download
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December 5, 2019

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