We tested the Sony A7R II: few mirrorless offer both

We tested the Sony A7R II: few mirrorless offer both

We tested the Sony A7R II, last chamber of the Japanese brand that is trying to satisfy even the most demanding...

We tested the Sony A7R II, last chamber of the Japanese brand that is trying to satisfy even the most demanding of users.

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Last week I met the new commitment of Sony in the world of image, which was expected after learning the lines that the Japanese company had set his first camera without mirror full-frame. This time it is the A7R II, which already appreciate its features and why it should be considered an important device photography.

On paper, the A7R II has all the necessary ingredients to satisfy a large share of users. The R range stands out for having a comprehensive resolution, but this time has tried to go further, as it also includes some features why some photographers loved the Sony A7S such as the ability to use high sensitivities to counteract the low light of night scenes.

Among its features stand out its stars sensor CMOS Exmor R backlit 42.4 megapixels and 399 focus points. However, do you really fulfill the promises? We were able to test a model of the Sony A7R II still in testing phase, so perhaps doing some last minute adjustment, but it serves to get an idea of ​​what awaits us in the final product.


With a full frame sensor, you would expect that when using high ISO we obtain a very fine grain and high quality even in low-light environments. With the Sony A7 II was the case, and Sony A7R II improves it.

You press on the image to see it bigger.

The CMOS Exmor R backlit, seems to work. Get a bright image in a dark area is becoming easier and as proof of this we this test with the A7R II, where obviously lose quality as you pass the sensitivity, but I think that none of their values ​​are unusable for showing a grainy excessive or poorly defined.

It is clear that we should test the camera in different night situations to test its actual performance, but for now, its sensor seems to show some results live up to what they promised.


On the other hand, its 42.4 megapixels should be easily usable for different cuts in our photos, being able to get a totally different picture to that we are at the beginning.

As shown in the example, does not matter much that the object belongs to a small part of the picture, because we can expand retaining much of its qualities. The negative is that a greater amount of information inevitably affect the file sizes, but can also reduce from settings

Another advantage of having full size sensor is that the Dynamic Range of the shots must be wider than a conventional one. Thus, the difference between the black and white point turns out to be larger, resulting in a snapshot with less burned areas and underexposed.


Although we have not been able to thoroughly test the 399 points of focus are one of the great qualities of the A7R II, both for photography to video. The first impression is that it has a remarkably improved the speed at which the camera can be in focus to an object, something that was not optimal with the A7 II. This time, the camera even has the possibility of a pattern tracking to keep in focus what we want while recording a video.

However, it seems that still need to polish some aspects of this section, as perhaps the continued focus on video does not change its focus to the speed that we need. However, we must remember that this is a device under test.


Maintains attributes Sony A7 II. For example, your grip is quite pronounced, which helps to hold but are not a big problem. With the rear dial and front, located near the handle, we can quickly modify shutter speed and aperture.

Your body magnesium alloy causes the grab have the feeling of witnessing a very robust and resistant camera, with quality materials that give us security before a possible impact.

Usually, the keypad is well laid out, and can even be customized at will. What does not stop liking is OK intended to start recording on the video, which continues in the same place since the first Sony A7 mode. The main problem is that it is difficult angle in a position inaccessible if we press it, making it almost impossible to start a video without any abrupt move the image

Have you met with expectations

It is proposed that the new Sony camera will August with a price a price to be around € 3500. Because all it offers, I think we can find one of the most advanced cameras that can be accessed day today, but we must also be clear that this camera does not play in a league with the D7200, GH4 or even the Sony A7 II, but within that we find cameras above 3,000 €.

The Sony A7R II accomplishes what we showed during his presentation

For this reason, the requirements with this device should be somewhat higher. You can not compare a Sony A7R II with a Fuji X30, just as you can not an iPhone 6 with a Moto G, everyone has their category and target audience.

So far it seems the Sony A7R II accomplishes what we showed during his presentation, but that’s just a first impression. To analyze a product as premium as this takes time and explore each of its individual features, which we hope to do in the future.

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