We tried Gemini 2 for OS X: the key to whether you need it or not

Gemini 2 is the best app to find duplicates if you have a large library of files, but loses some of its meaning if you have a SSD reduced in size.

MacPaw has become a time now, one of my companies and utilities for Mac developers most popular available on the app Store. Some of their apps like CleanMyMac , have become the default applications users to keep their computer free temporary files or system caches . However, the good work of the company does not end there, and its portfolio of apps has grown gradually.

Now, after the release of Hider 2 and Encrypto, the company has renovated another its most popular apps: Gemini, which reached number 2 version with a number of additional features and a generational change in application design, much more adapted to the design lines of OS X Yosemite / El Capitan, and much more integrated with the aesthetics of other applications of the company.

for those who do not know, Gemini 2 is a very simple but extremely powerful application that allows you to find duplicates on your hard drive. Perhaps a time when SSDs little space and storage in the cloud have earned storage, an application of this type makes less sense, but in general that’s interesting in order to keep our clean Mac file duplicate

the operation of the application is very simple. just have to choose the folder or folders you want to scan for duplicate files, the application will scan the capeta including subfolders within the designated and will show a list of files that the app considered duplicates, giving the option to delete, then showing the space gained by removing those files.

Before we can proceed to scan files also make certain documents to the app not consider them as duplicates, limit search files of X size, or for example to limit the removal of the files to some kind of system extension. Once scanned duplicate files, Gemini 2 will show all files found , with a brief description of them and a number of options to be executed by the user.

to make it easier document viewing, the app will give us the options of ordering duplicates by file type and, most importantly, we continuously show the original file and the application is marked as a duplicate, a display of file (ideal for images) and a series of context data file : place the disk on which is, last modified … and all other information available on it; we also offer the option to remove them directly, but also offers the option (default) placing them in the trash or safe disposal with military grade:

However one of the most interesting point of this new version lies in the functionality find similar files, not just duplicates. This feature-oriented photos, allows the search for images in our image library and other system folders, and offers the option to delete images that are like each other, for example in those occasions we do several takes of a scene, so that Gemini 2 allows us to erase all similar and stay alone than that or those that we like.

for this system to work you need the app photos are open, since deleting pictures as if erased the users through system extensions of the app, and it does from the file structure of the library, because when manually delete any files in that folder, usually ends up producing more problems than benefits.

the rest of the app is complemented by a system activates background scan duplicate (similar to uninstalling apps in the background of CleanMyMac) and common system and file protection. Its operation is more than correct, auqnue as we say, your target audience is in those Macs full of files or scanning the external storage.

If you decide to use Gemini 2, we recommend that you make a backup your files, since the application is to eliminate files that according to the erase method you choose, there will be no way to recover later

you can compare Gemini 2 half price for a limited time.

We tried Gemini 2 for OS X: the key to whether you need it or not

We tried Gemini 2 for OS X: the key to whether you need it or not
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