We tried the Stickers AR Google in the Pixel 2 XL: as well is to have the characters in Stranger Things home

Stickers for AR Google's Pixel 2 XL

If I tell you that I just see as Eleven defeated the Demogorgon in my kitchen probably think that it is gone from me head or that I’ve put a chapter of Stranger Things, but this has not been the case. The characters of the series have been in my kitchen in reality, or rather, augmented reality.

have been made to wait but the stickers of augmented reality that Google announced a few months ago have finally arrived to the Pixel 2 XL. Xataka Android we have already been able to try them out, and the truth is that are awesome. Stranger Things, Star Wars, stickers of Foodmoji… we tell You how is to play with these characters in 3D as if they were in your own home.

Prerequisites and commissioning

Before that there is nothing to review the requirements to be able to have the stickers for augmented reality from Google. In the first place you need to have a Pixel 2 XL, because at the moment are a unique feature of these two models. If you’ve done this (you only need to install Android 8.1 Oreo and the update of two applications: ARCore and wall Stickers in RA.

Stickers for Ar

If you meet the requirements now you are ready to try the stickers for augmented reality. To access them there is only open the camera and enter in the menu of shooting modes that is located in the upper left corner. Here you have to choose the option ‘Stickers on augmented reality’.

After a brief welcome screen, the application will tell us to move the camera so that it captures the space that we have in front of us. During this brief process, the application detects the surfaces and distances so that we can place the objects in augmented reality on them, so easy.

Playing with Eleven, and BB-8 in my kitchen

Stickers for AR Google's Pixel 2 XL

once you have recognised the space, at the top of the screen appear to us the stickers we can empzar to place; we have a pack of Star Wars, another of Stranger Things, the stickers of Foodmoji, a pack with stickers themed festive and also one of text three-dimensional.

to Place characters on a table or on the floor is as simple as drag them to the desired location, once placed we can change its size with the classic pinch gesture or lift you up if you push with two fingers, as we do when we move in a picture but in a three dimensional environment.

Stickers for Ar star wars pixel 2 xl

The recognition of the surfaces is really good and is able to detect the different planes in the same scene. For example in my case I placed several characters on the ground, the other on the table and another on the bank of the kitchen and each one of them fit almost perfectly on the surface. I say ‘almost’ because there are times in which there is a failure and an object appears a little higher or out of the surface in question, but in general it works very well.

of course we can get close or surround each object, to see it from the angle that we like. Here too surprising how well managed that is the effect, even affects the lighting of each sticker as we’re moving.

Stickers for AR Google's Pixel 2 XL The time in which Eleven defeat the Demogorgon on the worktop of my kitchen.

Note also that each character goes with their own animation and sound effects. For example in the pack of the Stranger Things we see how Eleven looks at the Demogorgon and ends with him with his powers of telekinesis or like Will we are left looking at this and teaches us a sign that says ‘Help’. Also of note are the funny food cartoons included within the pack Foodmoji.

The stickers AR are addictive, but have a ‘power bank’ to hand

After spending a while playing with the new stickers AR I can say that they are really well achieved. The operation is very good in terms of detecting surfaces and ease of management make it almost addictive, although I have encountered some other unexpected shutdown when recording video for a long time.

Another point to improve (and a lot) is the battery consumption. In just three or four minutes, testing the stickers the charge level has dropped from 16% to a paltry 1%. Then I continued testing with the charger connected, but the charge has not gone up at all. In fact, without wanting to, I have disconnected the cable and the phone has been turned off, so if you want to enjoy this new feature so much eye to this and keep an external battery nearby.

Stickers for AR Google's Pixel 2 XL stranger things

Except for these glitches that I hope are solventen soon, the stickers AR Google have made a great debut. That of have well-known characters as Stranger Things or Star Wars certainly adds appeal. However, I hope that Google extend the offer coming soon because at the moment there is too much variety and I see cansándome in a short time.

I hope to extend the support for new devices in the future since you are now too limited, though I don’t have much hope that you arrive soon because they are a claim more to highlight to the Pixel 2 XL on the rest of offer Android.

More information | official Google Blog
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We tried the Stickers AR Google in the Pixel 2 XL: as well is to have the characters in Stranger Things home
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December 11, 2017

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