We tried TouchOne, a keyboard for Android Wear with good ideas but very disappointing

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on April 4, I told you that TouchOne Keyboard for Android Wear had left its beta phase and was already available in Google Play . Despite being a little reluctant to bring the experience of a smartphone smartwatch (I think their uses are different as I mentioned in a recent article), I decided try this keyboard TouchOne for my Moto 360 1st Generation wanting see if it is a good choice and if I could change my habits with the clock .

Despite being a heavy user of my smartwatch, I’ve never missed a keyboard that complements commands voice. To make a short search with Google Now or send a quick message via WhatsApp, the voice has always been enough, total, to write notes on Keep or answer any longer conversation always prefer to take my phone


Still, TouchOne Keyboard features a priori are quite attractive, but after heavy use I have found that medium gas stays around, and sometimes not even that. Infinity Technology, company behind the project, offers a keyboard that has little to do with traditional Qwerty: based on predictive technology T9, TouchOne adapts to the edge of your smartwatch (either round or square) and divided into eight cells . Clicking on one of them, the application will incorporate letters to build the word provided by your internal dictionary.

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How it works TouchOne for Android Wear

the app, in addition to dozens of emoji characters and allows you to make different gestures that help facilitate the experience. If you give a touch in the middle you will insert a space, if you move your finger left blot out the word up will activate capitalization, down will send the text string and to the right to exit. Easy, right? For everything else, system TouchOne is quite cumbersome because we have to manage on a screen of just 1.50 “.

Despite being very unintuitive, I decided to keep it installed and give a new opportunity. But the second disappointment soon appeared, and came to the time to change the Spanish dictionary. Currently the application is only available in English and can not write any word in Spanish, so it loses a major attraction for Spanish-speaking consumers.

There’s a little trick is that if you press and hold one of the cells keyboard can choose the desired letter, and so write in Spanish, but I do not recommend at all because of the slowness of this process.

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Compatibility with other app

After all, I wanted to venture out and experience when sending messages WhatsApp or Hangouts. And here we face the third major obstacle, since none of these applications natively supports TouchOne Keyboard and is mandatory to download more third-party applications compatible keyboard with messaging .

The only apps compatible are Messages for Android Wear, web Browser for Android Wear, Mail for Android Wear & Gmail, Video / YouTube for Android Wear, Photo Gallery for Android Wear, Documents for Android Wear, Calendar for Android Wear, Wear Messenger and Quick for Wear, the latter two from different developers and payment.

Yes, they all work properly and TouchOne runs perfectly in them, but if we use continuous keyboard and we have to have half a dozen more installed applications on your phone. And honestly, I do not think official suit customers such additions. Incidentally, it is also not compatible in any way with Google Now.

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An unexpected disappointment

Certainly TouchOne try for several days has made me hate a little more these useless aggregates. It need to install multiple applications and for the moment it is only available in English, but is that is not comfortable and much less intuitive. I never use in my day to day because it would lose a lot of time typing .

There will be people who find something positive and yes thank this writing format; it’s not my case. As if that were not enough, the application is free only 15 days and then have to shell out € 2.99 for a unlimited Premium version that allows you to change keyboard theme.

I’ve always said, the smartwatch should not mimic the functionality of a regular phone, so this experiment could not work out. I do not recommend it at all, but you can always try the free version and draw your own conclusions.

And you, you approve this kind of apps on smart watches? What you thought you TouchOne

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We tried TouchOne, a keyboard for Android Wear with good ideas but very disappointing
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April 10, 2016

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