Websites to learn, simulate and enjoy our Moon

Ideal for those who do not suffer from lycanthropy, there are several websites that can help us to know in detail our Moon. From simulations to see it in 3D to academic resources created to discover its seas and a bit of its history.

I leave you with a list of the ones I have drawn attention:

WebGL 3D map


Cory Gross, in one of his experiments with WebGL, decided to make a 3D model of Earth’s moon and provide both experience in programming such wonder as the source code the result. You can read about the construction process in .


Zooniverse Project which affords three million images of the Moon, taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft.

Besides enjoying a virtual tour its craters, title=”moonzoo” can participate actively detecting elements on its surface and helping scientists to continue analyzing the huge amount of available photographs. So we must read the tutorials that will help us be a “lunar experts” and begin to analyze frame by frame.

If you are interested in the history of the Moon, we can access the published texts in title=”moonzoo” / Moon_Culture_and_History


In specialize in working and publish high resolution panoramic images and offer them as a” virtual tour “for anyone to enjoy via the web. Its business model is to offer content to travel agencies, although in this case have included the Moon as one of their destinations.

There are three panoramic photos in HD thanks to which we can better understand the landscape that the man already knows of our satellite.

Google Earth Moon

 google earth moon

Since 2009, Google Earth offers the “Moon” mode, with the ability to browse for it in the same way we do for the different points already registered on our planet.

In addition the typical navigation model “to Google Earth”, we can also see models of robots, narrated virtual tours and 360 degree panoramic photos.

Simulator Moon


Several applications in Flash and PDF documents that can help us understand the phases of the moon. In the case of Lunar Phase Simulator just have to adjust the variables and click “Start Simulation ” to make it possible to see how the Earth and Moon move generating sets shadows and highlights that explain the phases of the satellite.

phase Animation 2013 – NASA

Spectacular video with an application that can simulate the appearance of the moon at any time of year. The video that we leave above is an example of the material available on the link. The application is in title=”nasa” svs.gsfc . .

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Websites to learn, simulate and enjoy our Moon
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July 26, 2013

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